The Four Most Common Home Foundations

Building a foundation is an important first step in building houses that will last. Here are the four types of foundation most commonly used by home builders. The Four Types of Foundation Your House Could Be Sitting On Pier Foundations Also referred to as pier and beam, this type of foundation consists of either wood posts […]

What Happens When You Put Off Concrete Leveling

Some things only get better with time, but unfortunately uneven concrete is not one of those things. Over time, soil shifting, root growth, or just normal cracking can result in concrete becoming raised and uneven. While uneven concrete looks bad, so many people put off the task of having their concrete leveled. The bad news […]

3 Things You Should Do Before Protesting Your Property Value

DFW housing prices are continuing to skyrocket. Many properties have seen a 65% increase in the past five years alone due to the increase in jobs, the remodeling of schools, and the popularity of DFW suburbs. But if you think your property’s valuation is far too high for what your house should actually be valued […]

3 Ways Rodents Can Damage Your Pier and Beam Foundation

Invading rodents aren’t just a hazard in your attic or your yard. They can also do a lot of damage once they find their way into your home’s crawl space in the pier and beam foundation. Whether you’ve seen a few critters running in and out of the foundation or you’ve already dealt with the […]

Are Cracked Bricks a Sign of a Broken Foundation?

Checking on your foundation isn’t always simple. Most of your home’s foundation isn’t visible, and that means you have to put the clues together from lots of different sources. Cracks in the concrete, soil that’s pulling away from your home’s edge, and cracks in the walls near your windows and doors are all signs that […]

Why Does Your Crawl Space Always Feel Damp?

Damp crawl spaces are a stereotype, but dampness is a common condition (even in Texas). Sometimes it’s just because the air is colder. Most crawl spaces are also vulnerable to a lot of water-based issues. Here are some things you should keep an eye out for when your crawl space always feels damp: 1. Is […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Crawlspace Door Safe from Leaks and Puddles

When you have a pier and beam foundation, you need to take steps to make sure that moisture can’t accumulate around or — even worse — inside your foundation. If you have a strong perimeter wall, that can reduce a lot of your worries. But the crawlspace door is more vulnerable to water. Here are […]

Your Damp Crawlspace Might Be a Warning Sign

The DFW area is perennially in a drought, and you might think excess moisture is the last thing that could affect your pier and beam foundation. But moisture can collect under your house. If you have a damp crawl space, that could an indication that damage is building up under your foundation. Three problems could be: […]