You’ve Found a Foundation Crack in Your Garage Floor. Now What?

Nobody wants a crack in their concrete foundation. At best it means you’ll need it filled in if you want to seal or acid wash the floors. At worst, it’s the first sign of a rapidly developing split in the slab. Unfortunately, you might not see these hairline cracks if they form under your home’s […]

Why Should You Water Your Foundation?

Almost every city in the DFW area is imposing stringent water restrictions. It doesn’t look like the drought is going to end anytime soon. That might mean you’re looking into native landscaping plants or saving up your irrigation to carefully keep your lawn green. But make sure you dedicate some of your water to watering […]

Why Property Managers Should Consider Concrete Repairs as a Sound Investment

Property managers have a myriad of problems to worry about in the short term, from noise complaints to leaky faucets. This can sometimes make it difficult to split some of that focus on long-term maintenance issues. Below we will discuss why property managers should consider concrete repairs as a sound investment. The issues associated are […]

4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Foundation Repair

If you think you might need foundation repair, you may be tempted to do it yourself. Many homeowners believe that DIY foundation repair is the most cost-effective solution. However, this is usually not the case. Here are four reasons that you should avoid DIY foundation repair and leave it to the experts. Protect the Value […]

Routine Inspection of Concrete Slab Foundation

Your home represents your investment portfolio. All of it rests upon a hopefully solid foundation, and the best time to discover an issue there is before it becomes a problem. For this, you should have a plan to perform a foundation inspection and know some of the things to look for in a slab foundation. […]

Should I Repair Cracked Concrete Before Listing?

What causes cracked concrete, and should I bother getting it fixed? Cracked concrete poses an array of red flags to potential home buyers. Aside from cracked concrete being unsightly, it’s often indicative of a larger issue. Sinking, settling foundations, shifting soil, and changes in temperature or moisture of surrounding soil can all contribute to cracks in […]

Pier and Beam Foundations and Repair 101

Foundation repair techniques and costs will depend heavily upon the type of foundation your home has. The most common types of foundations are slabs, and pier and beams. Below we will discuss pier and beam foundations and repair 101. What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? With pier and beam foundations, workers place concrete slabs […]

What to Expect During a Foundation Inspection

It’s essential to have a stable foundation at it’s base. Your home may be showing signs of foundation concerns, such as cracks in the foundation. It’s better to be safe than sorry – call for a foundation inspection. During the Inspection Share what you’ve noticed and the specific locations of your concerns. We may have […]

Can Tree Roots Cause Damage to Your Home’s Foundation?

Do you have trees on your property and are worried that their roots may be growing towards your home? If this is the case, you should be concerned about the health of your foundation. When tree roots grow towards your building, they can invade the foundation and cause costly damage. You may wonder, “How can […]