5 Traits Successful Contractors Have in Common

Your character will always define you and shape your business. Being a contractor calls for one to have some notable characteristics if you want to grow your business to the highest heights. In this article, we look at some essential traits successful contractors have in common. Self-control Focus and growth require discipline. Sometimes the nature […]

Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for Foundation Repair

Constructing your home is a valuable investment. Therefore, in case of any foundation problems, hire a professional to do the work right. Hiring the services of a wrong foundation contractor can be costly in the end. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the right contractor for your job. Do […]

5 Foundation Repair Myths Debunked

There are several stories we hear about concrete foundation repairs. In this article, we take a look at some foundations’ myths that you should not keep in mind when deciding to repair your foundation. New Homes Don’t Require Foundation Repairs Homeowners tend to believe that they cannot have foundation issues if they live in a […]

The Importance of Regular Foundation Inspections

For many homeowners, it is easy to forget about and accidentally neglect certain home maintenance tasks. This is particularly true of things that are out of sight (and out of mind) such as your home’s foundation. However, considering that your home’s foundation supports the entire structure above it, it is critical that you have regular […]

Foundation Repair Evaluations For Historic Homes

Historic homes can be a treat. You are literally owning a piece of history that has been around longer than you have. Unfortunately, many historic homeowners soon learn that old homes come with a lot of potential problems. When considering buying an older home, it is important that you have not just a home inspection, […]

Tips to Help You Choose a Foundation Contractor

Considering that your home’s foundation is one of its most critical components, as it supports your entire home, it is important that you find an experienced foundation contractor to work on your home if you are in need of foundation repairs. Yet, how can you find a foundation contractor in your area that you can […]

Five Signs That Your Home’s Foundation May Have Cracks

Cracks in your home’s foundation are a big deal.  They can cause significant damage throughout your entire house and create uneven surfaces.  Larger cracks may also affect the structural integrity of your house. While cracks may happen out of sight, many of the signs can be seen throughout your house.  Here are several signs that […]

Early Warning Signs That You Are in Need of Slab Foundation Repair

If left unrepaired, foundation damage can become extensive and threaten your home’s structural integrity. Not only can this damage be costly, but it can also be frustrating since the extent of the damage could have been mitigated if you had noticed the early signs of foundation problems. This makes it important that you are lookout […]

How Often Should I Have a Foundation Inspection?

Your home’s foundation bears the weight of your building, and holds it steady against the forces of nature. Despite playing such an important role, the foundation is something most people do not think about that often. Even so, it is just as necessary to inspect your foundation as it is your roof or HVAC system. […]

Are You In Need Of Foundation Repair Services?

The moment a homeowner notices one or more cracks running along a wall or floor of the home will not be an enjoyable one. When there is any indication of a cracked foundation, it should be taken seriously and inspected as soon as possible. However, it is important to know that not every crack in […]