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At Dodson Foundation Repair, we truly value our customers’ opinions and feedback. We’d love to hear how we’re doing, and we actively monitor third-party review sites such as Facebook, Angie’s List and Google+ to gauge how we’re doing. You can also email us directly to leave a review. Here is just a hand-full of testimonials that speak of the great work that we do! Below, you’ll find the lengths that Tom has gone to make sure his repairs in DFW are the best around.

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Older Foundation Repair Testimonials

“Tom, please feel free to use this note as a reference for you.  I appreciate so very much the time you have spent to help me with issues regarding my dining room floor.  You went above and beyond all I expected as far as being available to assist me through phone calls and in person.  You assured me my leak problems did not have anything to do with my foundation and this was indeed the case.  You worked on my foundation six years ago (2014) and nevertheless had time to visit with me by phone and personally when I called for assistance recently.  I am grateful for your time and professional approach to your business.” -J. Cobb


“All I can say is, it will be a shame when Tom retires. We have had him out on four different occasions – to four different houses – and refused to take a dime from us for his time and expertise. He professionally evaluated these four homes – two of which we were buying – two of which we were selling – and came up with the same analysis: “You have normal settling – there is nothing wrong with the foundation.” This was after we received a quote from another “company” for $22,000 worth of work, The fact of the matter is there is a lot of fraud happening every day in North Texas in the foundation repair business, and I thank the Lord above that I was able to meet Tom. I’d highly recommend him if you have any concerns regarding your homes foundation or drainage.” – Mark G.


“This letter is to refer Dodson Foundation and Repair.  I’ve known Tom Dodson and used him for many years as a foundation repair company to my clients.  He has repaired no less than 12 homes for me over the the years including my own home. He has been very responsive in doing evaluation requests and never charged us.  His estimates have been verified when Civil Engineers have been requested and is usually spot on with that of the Engineer. He is still my go to guy for foundations and he has even completed some drainage issues on some of my client’s homes. If you need a good reputable foundation and Drainage Company, I would strongly recommend Dodson Foundation and Repair.” -Fred H. | View Testimonial


“It is my pleasure to thank you for taking care of my need for foundation repair.  The time for making the repair was quick, workmen arrived on schedule and was completed in one day, as promised.  I was especially pleased with the way the workmen dismantled parts of the deck, piece by piece, where needed to put the piers, then replaced the parts, cleaned up and hosed down.  Very professionally completed. Thanks to the foreman, Omar, who answered all questions and did a double check on leveled areas upon completion.

Thanks, Mr. Dodson, for your Christian ethics and professionalism and I will gladly refer your company to anyone that may need foundation work.” -Evelyn D. | View Testimonial


“I am a realtor, and I am happy to recommend Tom Dodson to all my clients because I know that he is going to do a great job and diagnose each foundation with great care.  He is a man of integrity and will tell you the truth about the work that needs to be done, or he will tell you if the foundation is good and no improvements need to be made.  I know I can trust him to have the best interests of my clients in mind.” -Stacey L. | View Testimonial


Omar and team did a great job yesterday, completing the job with time to spare!  It was amazing to see how quickly they were able to complete the work and with so little disturbance to the surroundings!  Also had a great chance to talk with Omar!” -Kelvin B. | View Testimonial


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional job your people performed on the leveling of our home’s foundation.
Saying that we felt stressed and concerned making the decision to proceed with no prior knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of selecting the right company, was helped so much by your calm, experienced explanation of the process. We were impressed by the focus the crew showed on returning our landscape to much of its original appearance, despite all the work done in and around it. We highly recommend that anyone seeking foundation repair take a serious look at using Dodson Foundation Repair as a trusted source.” -Eric and Susan A. | View Testimonial


“He was recommended by our Allstate inspector as the best & most honest in the business.  Tom walked me throughout the house showing me measurements and explaining (in terms I could understand) what the difference in levels were from one area to another.  He also explained that the types of cracks we have are from moisture under the foundation. In the end, there was such a slight difference in measurements that there was nothing he could do for us, so we just have to get our cracked walls and beam fixed.  He doesn’t do that and didn’t have anyone to recommend. No payment required as he does free estimates. Tom’s a good name to add to your list & to pass on to others. ” -Rosemary E.  | View Testimonial


“I have used Dodson Foundation for multiple properties I own.  I have found them to be honest, reliable, and trustworthy. They have been truthful in all dealings and do quality work.  I plan to use them again when needed.” -Bob C. | View Testimonial


“We had just bought a house and had been living in for a few months and of course at inspection our foundation was flawless, now 4-5 months later our 17 year old house is starting to show its age.  Well I had noticed some cracks in walls and floors and decided I needed someone to look at our foundation to give us first time homeowners some peace of mind. Dodson Foundation Repair was the first one the list and the first to reply.  I was nervous at first on what our inspection charge would be as some companies charge upwards of $250 just to look at your house! Outrageous! Well imagine my surprise and delight when Mr. Dodson said he would not accept any money for just coming out and taking a look.  I was floored. He showed up on time (on a Saturday too!) and was very professional and a gentleman. He was thorough and honest in his explanation of what he was inspecting. Turns out our home was just in a state of flex/settling. Whew! I bet other companies would have sold me on a few piers I definitely don’t need at this time.

Highly recommend Mr. Dodson and will be referring him to my friends and neighbors. ” -Andrei B. | View Testimonial


“I’m a Real Estate agent in north Dallas.  I was in need of a foundation repair company to give a complete and honest assessment of my client’s foundation in the garage area.  Dodson Foundation came highly recommended to me from other agents in my office. So, I gave Dodson a call. Tom, the owner, was courteous and though completely booked, agreed to make time in his schedule to come assess my client’s foundation.

He arrived right on time. Punctuality is important.  He was genuine and spoke about issues clearly understood layman’s terms.  After assessing the cracks and some movement in the wall, he determined that repair was not necessary at this time.  He didn’t try to sell me his services. He simply told the truth. He did, however, give me an estimate to shore up the foundation if my client desired.  The estimate was very reasonable.

Based on my experience with Dodson Foundation, and the glowing recommendation I received from the other agents in my office, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dodson for any structural foundation work.” -Rob B. | View  Testimonial


“We have an house in Allen that we are about to put on the Market.  There were a few cracks in some of the floor tiles and, no wanting to sell someone a foundation problem – or have it fail a pre closing Inspection, we called a Foundation Repair Company we had used on other properties.  Their Inspector said that the foundation was “borderline”- that it might or might not pass inspection. He recommended installing 15 piers at the cost of $5,250.

We talked with our Realtor, Lisa Shields, about this and she recommended that we contact Tom Dodson for a second opinion.

Tom and I met at the house on the morning of October 17.  Tom inspected the House and gave the foundation a clean Bill of Health.  What impressed me even more than saving $5250 in unneeded repairs was the way Tom conducted the inspection.  He insisted that I knew how and where he was taking measurements, what tolerances he could accept, and why. He even had me read the instruments and do the Math associated with the readings.  In short, he insisted that I knew what was going on, not just what I was told was happening.

To top it off, when I offered to pay him for the Inspection, he refused to bill me.

I said, “Tom, you saved me over $5,000!” … Tom said, “My card says Free Estimates.”

I can recommend Tom without reservation.” -Herb F. | View Testimonial


“Thank you for your help with our foundation repairs.  Your crew came out and did the work that needed to be done.  The crew finished the work, cleaned up, and they left everything neat and clean.

At the time Mr. Dodson repaired our foundation we had our house for sale.  An interested buyer questioned Mr. Dodson’s assessment of the work that had been done.  Mr. Dodson hired a structural engineer to check the foundation. The engineer concurred and agreed with Mr. Dodson that the foundation did meet and exceed building codes. We would recommend Dodson Foundation to anyone who has foundation problems.” -A.L. and Carole R. | View Testimonial


“We all know about North Texas black clay soil, its propensity to swell and shrink when the moisture content varies, and the resultant foundation problems experienced by homeowners.  I just had my foundation repaired and would highly recommend Dodson Foundation Repair of Allen, TX. The repair crew was prompt, efficient and fast, and completed the job in two days.

The company is owned by Tom Dodson, who has over forty years in business.  He knows the soil conditions here, and which method of repair is best suited for your specific situation.  He takes pride in his work and offers a 100%, no exceptions warranty. So if you need foundation repairs, talk to Tom Dodson.” -Phillip L. | View Testimonial


“Judy and I wanted to write and thank you for the work you completed for the drainage problems we had.  Since you have finished, we have had no further problems. We can not begin to express how happy we were with the work you performed.  Your workers were very good; the work they performed was on time as promised, and when they finished, the areas was far cleaner and neater than we could ever have imagined.

It is hard in this day and age to find a contractor who is honest, on time, and does the work promised with no hassles at all.  It was a real pleasure doing business with you. If you ever need a recommendation, just let us know. We will be more than happy to provide one.  May God bless you, your family, and your workers and their families.” -Floyd E. L. | View Testimonial

“I wanted to write this letter to you to thank you for helping me with my foundation quote.  Your expertise and engineering contact helped me immensely as I sold my farm. The buyer tried to get the highest quote possible and your assessment and solution was a triumph in reasonableness and saved me thousands of dollars.

I highly respect your honesty.  Please accept this letter of recommendation and a BIG thank you. I recommend your company to anyone that needs an honest assessment.” -Jeff T. | View Testimonial

“Over the past several years we have had the pleasure of working with Tom Dodson and his crew.

Foundation and drainage problems on our home required the installation of a root barrier system and just recently, an extensive foundation repair. After receiving several proposals and quotes, we found that Mr. Dodson had the most efficient and practical solution to our foundation issue. Mr. Dodson’s professional knowledge of soil conditions and repair options gave us a high degree of confidence going into the job.

The foundation and drainage repair exceeded all of our expectations. When Mr. Dodson makes a promise, he delivers. Not only was the job finished in the time he estimated, his crew was diligent about making sure the work area was left neat and clean.

We would not hesitate to recommend Dodson Foundation and Remodeling to anyone requiring a professional and expert job.” -Paul M. | View Testimonial

“I am writing to let you know that Tom Dodson and his crew just finished doing foundation work at my house in Lewisville, Texas. I was very happy with the work that they did. They arrived on time and were able to finish in one day. Tom communicated numerous times as we had to reschedule once because of rain.

The crew did a professional job and went above and beyond what was expected them to do. I would recommend Tom Dodson to anyone that has any foundation problems. He is very honest, trustworthy, and down to earth.” -Karen S. | View Testimonial

“Thank you for your help with correcting a problem with drainage and soil expansion under our enclosed patio. You are very knowledgeable and practical with the solution.

Also, thank you so much for the final cleanup and smoothing of the dirt so I can add sod. You picked up all of your waste materials and removed them from the property, and I appreciate that so much.” -Tom F. | View Testimonial

“Muchas gracias a la compania Dodson por el trabajo que realizo en mi casa.

Estoy muy feliz el trabajo hecho en mi casa. Llegaron a tiempo, completaron el trabajo en un dia y hicieron mucho mas de lo que yo esperaba. You recomiendo a Tom Dodson porque es muy honesto, hace un trabajo muy profesional y doy mi mas amplia recomendacion por su trabajo rapido y muy bien hecho.” -Emma C. | View Testimonial

“It is my distinct privilege to recommend the firm of Dodson Foundation and Remodeling of Allen, Texas. Tom Dodson, owner and primary engineer, is a business man of high integrity and meticulous craftsmanship. Each member of his entire crew of workmen is dependable, proficient, and takes great pride in not only their work, but also the manner in which they service their customers. My wife and I are happy to give notice that The Golden Rule is still alive and well in the DFW area.

We live in an area of old East Dallas that is particularly challenging in matters of residential foundation structures; and we were at least 10 years late in attending to a pier-and-beam foundation that was causing a good deal of interior damage. They were on-time, and did more than they were asked to do ahead of schedule. We were thoughtfully informed of the big picture; and felt, with Tom’s honest and straightforward manner, that we were making the best decision, short-term and long-term. We are very pleased in every way with the job; and would enthusiastically act as a reference for the company and for Tom Dodson.” -Dr. Harrell and Sharron L. | View Testimonial

“I never expected God to answer my prayer so quickly when he sent you. After all these years the doors close properly and we are finally going to remodel the house. Your employees were very thoughtful and respectful. We really appreciate all the works.” -Brenda A. | View Testimonial

“Thank you so much for all of your help on my foundation. You are the only person that gave an estimate and noticed the sinkholes under the house and spoke to me about what they were and the quick damage they would cause. I also appreciate that you were willing to work with me on payments due to my personal financial situation and the fact that the repairs could not wait.

Your crew was professional, quick and clean. They hard hard workers and worked to finish the job in one day. They were also very respectful of my dogs, who do not necessarily appreciate visitors! Upon completion of the job, there was only minimal evidence that work had been done, and no trash was left by workers. The bushes and items that were lost were carefully placed by the curb so the city could collect them on bulk trash days.

I appreciate your attention to detail and can not express my gratitude to you for helping to fix the foundation. Thank you so very much!” -Robyn E. | View Testimonial

“Thank you so much for your promptness in getting our foundation leveled. You saw our need to get it done quickly and you came to our rescue. We were very pleased with your work as well as your workers.” -Jamie and Violet M. | View Testimonial

“Just a short note to let you know how pleased Basel and I are with the work to get our house on even ground. We also want you to know how we feel regarding your honesty and sincerity and that of the crew that did the work. We were worried about nothing while the work was being done. The project was done when promised, and the yard and house was left clean and neat. Thanks again for a job well done.” -Barbara D. | View Testimonial

“Your crew finished the leveling of my foundation by installing 12 peers where required. I know I should have sent this letter earlier, but I wanted to wait, and see how the completed work performed during our Hot, Dry, Summer. We have experienced no further movement or shifting of our foundation. Tom and his crew took pride in their work, and worked very efficiently. It was a pleasure to have selected Dodson Foundation to do my job. I would recommend them to anyone who has foundation issues to resolve. Thank you again for doing such a good job, and being easy to work with.” -David S. | View Testimonial

“My husband and I have had the experience of having foundation work done on 3 houses within the last 20 years. I have lived in this area for over 50 years (in Mesquite and East Dallas) and he has lived in this area for over 30 years. We have been active members of St. Plus for too many years to count.

The summer of 2011, as you probably know, was extremely hot and very little rain. The more we looked around the house the more we realized that we had foundation problems. Doors were not shutting and cracks were appearing in all the rooms in the house. We were both beside ourselves and Bob finally decided to call the Better Business Bureau and get the phone numbers of foundation companies that had received little or no complaints. One of the names he received was Dodson Foundation.

It was on a Saturday – but Bob went ahead and called the Foundation Company and Tom answered. Bob was so relieved when Tom said that he would be out the next day to assess the problem. Bob and I were both relieved when we learned that the problem – would not cose near as much to fix as we had both anticipated and that his company would begin working on it later that week.

True to his word – the workers were here later that week – and as quickly as they worked – we noticed doors shutting and cracks disappearing.

We highly recommend Dodson Foundation. Bob and I can definitely say that this is the only letter of recommendation we have had written for anyone.

We both agree that we hired Dodson Foundation because of Tom and the character that he represented to both of us. The fact that the BBB had no complaints entered into our decision. We did not go out and get other bids – we felt although maybe we could have gotten a lower bid – the QUALITY of work and the company name and reputation was more important than any savings we could have received from anyone else.

Bob and I hope this helps you in making a decision. We receive no financial benefits from the company and did not know Tom before hiring him to do our foundation. We do not expect to receive any financial benefits now or in the future.” -Bob and Phyllis G. | View Testimonial

“Thanks for your expertise and helpfulness in getting the house in McKinney back into level. I was very uneasy in my decision to get the home fixed and all the options were confusing on your trips out to the house; you measured the foundation from all areas of the home, drew up a plan to repair, explained the process in great detail, talked about your crew and what to expect, discussed cleanup and payment.

I was pleased when the guys showed up on time laid out all the tools and supplies, jacks, electric and mechanical, laid out the locations for excavations, dug the holes with precision and expertise, drove piers down to bedrock at all locations, put in the foundation stones and then everyone together finished the leveling process to within ⅛” from inside measurements. Then checked all aspects of the job in and out, filled back the pier holes, repaired a concrete slab, filled all holes and cleaned up all flower beds and yard, no trash left behind. The most organized group of workers I have ever dealt with, although I do not want another bad foundation, you are the only person I would call. I received 4 estimates and felt that yours was by far the best and you are very good and a nice person to work with You answered all my questions, called me when you said you would, scheduled that work, finished on time, on budget and then called the next day for a recap and followed up on any issue. I am a retired Health Care Business Manager and recognize quality and efficiency when I see it. Thanks again for doing everything you said you would and more.” -Jerry A. | View Testimonial

“I would like to express to you how very pleased Rick & I was with the work your company did for us today. First of all the crew was very much on time in fact they came little earlier than the time that was given. Those men went to work immediately upon unloading the truck. In fact we were very surprised when we looked out the window and saw how far they had dug the first hole. They were very polite in spite of the 109 degree weather we were expecting today. I was very concerned for their health and kept insisting they take the cold bottle of water I had to offer them. I knew they had their own, but my water was colder. I was given a 5:00 to 6:00 pm time frame for the work to be done. But again, they surprised me and were done around 3:00 pm.

They did such a professional job that when I went outside the house I could not tell anything was done. Except for the side of the hose. That’s how good a job they did. I was also given some advice about the dirt level around the house that could help this from happening again. Also, Mr. Dodson you saved us a lot of money and I just want to say thank you so much.” -Rich & Diana W. | View Testimonial

“Thank you for all your efforts in completing the extensive repairs on my property! You made what would normally be a very stressful experience go as smoothly as possible. I wish all my business dealings went that smoothly! Through the entire process, I felt you cared about me as a customer and you went above and beyond to ensure my expectations were exceeded. Your excellent customer service, fair prices, and high quality work are much appreciated. Further, not only are you easy to work with, you demonstrated high ethical standards, professionalism, and you followed through on your commitments. It was a pleasure working with you, and I will definitely be referring my friends and family to your calling upon you for future services.” -Kandance K. | View Testimonial

“I think Dodson Foundation is as good as it gets. They installed seven piers at my home The job went like clockwork. Everyone knew what to do and when to do it. I highly recommend Mr. Dodson for foundation repair.” -Jack L. | View Testimonial

“Just a short note to say “Thank you” for making the repairs to our foundation in our sunroom. The outside door now opens! We were concerned about all the glass we had in the sunroom and the glass came through without any breakage. We are very happy with the work that your crew did. The area where the foundation work was completed, was clean and back to the way it was before repairs began. Your crew was very professional and helpful in a number of places. We will recommend your company to my friends if they need any foundation work. We will call you if we need any additional foundation work in the future. Again, thank you for what you did.” -Stephen and Charlene S. | View Testimonial

“Thank you for the time and quality spent on our home! From the estimate to the completed job, you always answered my questions with kindness. You educated me on the foundation problems and they are fixed! The doors open and close as they are supposed to! Your crews did a great job leaving the work site as they found it. Not a flower was upset! We can’t thank you enough! I will definitely send friends your way!” -Ford  | View Testimonial

“Por medio de la presente me complace recomendar ampliamente al Sr. Tom Dodson como representante y dueno de la compania DODSON Foundation & Drainage, ya que en el domicilio de una servidora hicieron la reparacion de la fundacion y quede plenamente complacida con los servicios, y los problemas de mi casas fueron solucionados en su totalidad por la compania DODSON razon por la que les estoy muy agradecida.

Ademas cabe resaltar el alto nivel de profesionalismo y disponibilidad personal del Sr. Dodson al desempenar toda la reparacion de mi casa, asi como la aclaracion de todas mis preguntas durante el proceso de reparacion de la misma.

Sin mas por el momento quedode ustedes para cualquier comentario sobre la presente y se sirvan comunicarse con una servidora, gracias.” -Rosalia B. | View Testimonial

“I wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me providing foundation repair and drainage solutions. I had talked with other foundation companies before choosing you and your company to do the work on my home. I appreciated the time and information you gave me. Your expertise and common sense solutions were very evident as I spoke with you. I am very grateful that you provided an even better drainage system than the structural engineer had recommended.

You went above and beyond helping me by arranging to get my job finished in a very quick manner, going so far as to even ask someone else to change an appointment to accommodate my need for meeting a deadline. I am very thankful for your service and invite you to use me as a reference at any time.” -Mary D. | View Testimonial

“I sincerely recommend your company to anyone that needs foundation repairs. You showed me that everyone is not out to “oversell” a job and did only the work you felt was necessary to correct the issues at hand.

You and your crew did the job at the time and day you stated, plus were in and out in one day.

Rarely do you find a man and a company of such honesty and character. Especially the courtesy and timeliness that your company provided.

You will get any future business I need and feel free to have anyone call me for a reference.” -Terry S. | View Testimonial

“Highly recommend with overwhelming integrity! I wanted to make sure everyone knows what a professional and quality person Tom Dodson really is. Mr. Dodson came to our house to assess the condition of our foundation. He called ahead to let me know he was on his way. He called as he was progressing the 1 hour trip from his office to give me an update on his arrival. When he got to our home he handled what we thought was a crisis with a calm but direct approach. Mr. Dodson will give you a straight answer on the needs of your foundation and will not recommend costly work unless it is required. If anyone is reading this on the website, I told Mr. Dodson he is welcome to use me as a reference if needed. This is a man you can trust with your most costly investment, your home.” -Tom A. | View Testimonial

“It is very satisfying and comforting to know that we have chosen a reputably foundation business. We were impressed with the workers who brought tarps to place the dirt on in order to protect the grass and patio. Most of all the assurance, that the Forman Omar was their the entire time directing and watching. We found him to be a very courteous and informative representative. We would be pleased to recommend Dodson Foundation to anyone.” -Bill & Sylvia H. | View Testimonial

“Bunny and I want to thank you for the excellent foundation work that was recently completed on our home. Early on, your knowledge and experience became very apparent to us. Your honest assessment and estimate of the work needing to be done in order to repair our foundation issues almost exactly mirrors the report we had received from an independent engineer. Previously, we had received estimates from other foundation repair companies but you easily stood out from the crowd.

Your highly professional crew that performed the work on our home left a strong impression with us. They completed the work in a timely manner. Then they worked very hard putting more dirt around the foundation and to clean-up our patio and yard. No kidding, it all actually appeared to look better than before. We found your assistant and crew leader, Omar, to be very informative and courteous. He always patiently explained any issues or questions he had for us on the work being done at the time.

If the need ever arises, we will not hesitate to call Dodson Foundation and Drainage Co. Thank you again for the pleasure of doing business with you.” -Jim and Bunny F. | View Testimonial

“You and your crew did an excellent job of building a root barrier and performing foundation repair on my house.

The crew who built the root barrier arrived promptly at 7:00am just as you said they would and you arrived with them to answer any questions I might have. The crew ran into large limbs from the silver maple. You can see where they cut those limbs off in some of the pictures I am attaching. They worked very hard.

The crew to dig the holes and install the piers arrived promptly at 9:00 am, as you said they would. They also worked very hard all day long. The pictures depict the progress that they made through the day. They cleaned up all of their dirt and you couldn’t even tell they were there when they were gone.

On top of that, I had sprinkler problems in the area where the digging was done and you gave me the name of Keith Askew to call and he and a man who works with him came over and fixed my sprinklers in the areas where your company had done work at no expense to me.

I would recommend your company for this type of business in the future. Thanks for the great job you did!” -Lauren L. | View Testimonial

“Thank you so much for your advice and help on my house. It is always refreshing to find a professional who truly cares about the best outcome for the homeowner, not about how much he will earn on the job. I will follow your advice, and if I can be of service to you in the future (for oil and gas advice), please let me know.” -Steve F. | View Testimonial

“Thank you for the outstanding work your guys did on stabilizing my house and repairing the drain lines. Your guys did a great job, put everything back where it should be, and cleaned up the mess. Particularly, thank you for repairing the master rainwater drain line that runs under the deck addition-the master rainwater drain line that a previous contractor punched a hole through when he put in the deck addition and, despite repeated assurances, didn’t repair. You solved a mystery for me; why the northeast corner of my house was subsiding!

Bottom line; you showed up for the estimate walk through when you said you would, you bid the job at a fair price, your guys showed up to do the work when they said they would, they did a great job and didn’t leave a mess. I can’t ask for better than that.” -Mary Ann J. | View Testimonial

“First of all, I am freely writing this letter, not because I feel obligated in any way, but because I believe that when you find someone who exemplifies integrity, professionalism, and quality work, it is important to share that information with others who may need their services. I know that when I read referral letters, such as this, I sometimes wonder if they are “real”. Please trust that this is REAL, and I am a genuine person who experienced having the services of Dodson Foundation Repairs.

I had known for over a year that my home was in need of this work, but as a single woman owning her first home, I was skeptical of the whole process, especially in trusting a company to do such a major repair project. In general, I am always very careful and cautious about making decisions that could have an adverse effect if I make the wrong one.

I did my research on foundation repairs and some of the highly rated companies who did such work in my area. I checked out review all over the internet, including Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. I would only consider using a company that had an A+ rating with the BBB and no negative complaints. It is also important to me that the company has good customer support, and in a manner that does not ignore you once the job is done. I received three estimates, and it was amazing to see the differences in all three. Not only was there a difference in the dollar amounts, but in the placement of the piers required. There were several things that greatly impressed me about Tom Dodson and his company. Mr. Dodson took the time to explain details of foundation repair work to me beforehand. It was important to him to educate me on this so I would have a better understanding as to why repairs were even needed and how the problem would be corrected by placement of the piers as he described. He made sure I understood everything as he explained the whole process to em. I also liked that he explained carefully to me the differences in warranties. Dodson Foundation’s Lifetime Warranty is by far the best I had seen because it is unconditional and transferrable, even if he were no longer around. Some of the other only provided a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” and had exclusions in the fine print.

His crew showed up right on time, and they were all polite and diligent workers. When finished that same day, they cleaned up the area nicely before leaving.

I hope that this letter will benefit anyone who is in need of foundation repairs. If I would have known the great outcome, I would have done it sooner. I was completely happy with the services of Tom Dodson and his company. You won’t find anyone as thoughtful, honest, and experienced as Tom Dodson! I would not mind anyone wanting to speak to me personally about the service I received.” -Dee P. | View Testimonial

“Thank you for the excellent work that you did for us last week. The work began promptly and was completed on schedule. Also, the crew was highly efficient. I observed their carefully working through the sprinkler system and an underground drainage in one area which installing the root barriers. The crew met their challenges, and all was done with great care.

Thank you for conscientiously monitoring the entire project yourself. In addition, we appreciate your crew completely restoring the yard surface. We are very pleased with your work.

It was a pleasure to do business with you, and I certainly recommend you to my friends and neighbors.” -Carolyn R. | View Testimonial

“On behalf of Hope’s Door clients and staff I would like to express appreciation for a job well done. The shelter facility looks great. Your professionalism and compassion for the work we do made the remodeling easy for clients and staff. The shelter staff and I enjoyed working with you.” -Hayedeh J. | View Testimonial

“Over the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure of working and dealing with Tom Dodson and his crew from Dodson Foundation and Remodeling.

I needed root barriers installed around my house as well as a wood deck built in my yard, and had hired Dodson to do the root barriers on the recommendation of my arborist and tree service. They had told me that Tom Dodson was one of the few contractors in the area who knew the correct way to install root barriers and that they highly recommended that I use him and only him for my installation, particularly because my yard and tree configuration would be a challenging one.

I found Tom to be a very down-to-earth, honest and genuine person who is truly interested in pleasing the customer and making sure that all jobs are done the way they should be. He also charges reasonable prices for great work. He makes you feel confident that, no matter what sort of problems arise during the job, he will solve them to your complete satisfaction, and he in fact does just that. The root barrier installation went so well that I asked Tom if he would go ahead and build me a wood deck. His crew just finished it this week and I couldn’t be happier with it! His crew worked incredibly hard in the summer heat and yet still took the time to care about the details to make it exactly what I had wanted. Both projects at my house turned out exceptionally well.

I would highly recommend Dodson Foundation and Remodeling to anyone who could use their services. And if anyone would like further information on what they did for me, I would be happy to discuss it if they want to call me at my phone number below.” -Karen M. | View Testimonial

“Your firm installed root barriers around five trees to protect our foundation. In addition you installed surface drains and a surface/French drain to carry off water from a flat portion of our side yard.

This work was accomplished in a timely and professional manner with minimal disturbance to the yard. On completion the work area was clean, neat and restored as nearly as possible to its previous condition.

Thank you for a job well done. Feel free to use us as a reference to potential customers. We are enclosing some photographs of the job.” -Walter S. | View Testimonial

“Dodson Foundation and Remodeling helped my family by installing french drains and a Sump Pump. When I bought my house in March of 2007, our inspector showed us that we could have potential foundation problems if we didn’t fix the drainage situation in our backyard. I called three different places, Dodson’s included, and received three different quotes. Two of the companies gave estimates nearly 33% higher than Dodson’s estimate. I called one other place and they were going to charge me just to get an estimate done. But Tom Dodson gave me an estimate for free.

The other companies recommended to only place drains in half of my backyard while Dodson recommended to put drains in along the whole backside of the house. After agreeing to have Dodson do the work it only took them 3 days to complete the work. They installed five drains and nearly 150 feet of pipe in my backyard and the side of my house. They also installed a sump pump that would continue to pump out water out of the pipes. They then cut out a piece of the concrete in the curb to place the outlet for the drain. When they were finished, the dirt settled, and the grass quickly grew back, and it looked like nobody had even done anything.

I was excited as soon as they finished because within a month, the drains and pump would quickly be put to the test with the many days of rain that we had. At the end of the Spring and beginning of Summer, we accumulated many inches of rain. Because of the slope in my backyard, I am 100% positive that water would have leaked into our house if we wouldn’t have installed the drains and pump. Needless to say, everything worked like a charm.

Tom Dodson regularly checked in with me to make sure everything was working okay and told me that if I ever had any problems that he would come personally and fix any issues. So far there have been no problems. The professionalism and customer service was outstanding by Tom Dodson and his staff. I will definitely be using Dodson Foundation and Remodeling in the future for other home improvements that I need to have done.

The fact that Dodson Foundation and Remodeling did double the work by installing twice the amount of pipe and charged me approximately 33% less showed me how much the other companies overcharge. When I placed calls in to the other companies, I felt like I was bothering them and they just treated me as “another job” and nothing more. Using Dodson Foundation and Remodeling showed me that true customer service and friendly business truly does still exist in this environment where it is lacking.” -Justin S. | View Testimonial

“Last Fall, I discovered what I thought was a foundation problem in my house. I contacted Dodson’s Service to inspect the house and the problem. Upon inspecting the problem, Mr. Tom Dodson informed me that it was not a foundation problem, but a drainage problem. I contracted with Dodson’s Service, to fix the problem.

My drainage problem was fixed quickly, efficiently and professionally. I was very impressed with the service that was given to me by their personnel. I would not hesitate to recommend Dodson’s Service, and do so enthusiastically.” Geoffrey C. | View Testimonial

“I promised to send you a letter some time ago and I’m finally getting around to it. The foundation you did on my house in Fall of ‘08 and then again in Jan. ‘10 has proven to be quite good. I would have done everything at once had I not been misled by the prior owners.

Since the additional work in January, movement has seemed to settle completely and I feel assured all will stay put.

Both times the crews came out to do the labor, they took the time to clean up carefully after the job.

But mostly, I really appreciated the attention and diligence you personally gave me. You saw the job was complete. You went above and beyond in several areas like the extra drain work and grout touch ups in my bathroom.

I feel certain I can call upon you in the future for various jobs big and little around the house. Especially since I regularly need a handyman.

Once again, thank you for the great foundation work. I wish you all the best in all you do.” -Peggy P. | View Testimonial

“I appreciate the job you did, installing approximately ninety (90) feet of root barriers between the large oak trees and our front foundation.

Your crew accomplished the job in a timely and professional manner and restored the yard to its near previous condition. Your pricing was reasonable for the job done and I would be happy to recommend Dodson Foundation and Remodeling to anyone needing similar work.” -Ted S. | View Testimonial

“Sid and I would like to thank you and your crew for the excellent job of foundation repair you did for us this last month. It was beyond our expectations. I was very glad a friend of mine highly recommended your company. At the time we were taking bids on the repair work that needed to be done and no other company was willing to work with us the way you did. Your honestly of what was needed and of course what was not needed was the main reason we chose your company.

The crew you sent out to do the repairs was friendly, courteous, and very conscientious of everything they did. They went beyond what was expected of them. Any extra dirt was taken to lower land and spread out. That was an unexpected pleasure. When they left you couldn’t tell we had the work done. All the sidewalks were not only swept but were also washed down. Everything was cleaned up.

We would heartily recommend your company for any foundation repairs if anyone wishes to talk to us personally. We will also highly recommend your company to anyone we know that needs these kind of repairs. Please feel free to use us an a recommendation.

We look forward to doing business with you again in the future, as you know, there is a lot more work to have done around our home and of course you will be the one we call first.” -Michelle M. | View Testimonial

I seldom pass compliments on for services that I pay for, but that is the purpose of this letter. Most of us are uneducated and bewildered about foundation problems and the needed repair techniques and related costs.

Based on your evaluation, obvious sincerity and professionalism I chose your firtm to do my repairs. Your crew was prompt, efficient, and provided a area clean-up when complete.

I especially like the fact that you offer a lift-time guarantee of satisfaction and I will be happy to recommend your work to others.” -G. Johnson | View Testimonial

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the great job you have done on my house. We started with a short list of items from the inspection that grew into quite a substantial renovation of the ‘guts’; including painting, replacing doors, repairing gutters, relocating and replacing the air handler, carious fixture installations and finally now the insulation that took almost 4.5 months.

You were able to deal with me, my schedule, and my pets as I traveled for work and gave you updates on how I thought we were doing and adding items as we went along.

You proved to be flexible, communicative and professional. You and your crews were so trustworthy and honest that I was free to leave the house in your hands for extended periods even after I moved in with no concern that all would be well on my return.

What could have been a difficult process for me worked out to be mostly pleasant.

Thanks again for the work and for your attention to the details of this job.” -Jim B. | View Testimonial

Tom, your diagnosis is very much appreciated and valued. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to come and make an assessment of my concerns.
Thank you and be safe! – Rose M.