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The Basics About House Leveling

You might be worried that your house’s foundation is sinking.  You have heard that it is fixed with house leveling, but aren’t sure what that means.  If you are interested in learning more, here are several basics about house leveling: What is house leveling? House leveling is the process of lifting a home back into […]

When is It Settling Versus a Foundation Problem?

The great question homeowners have about foundation repair – right beside how much is costs – is if this foundation issue a sign of a problem? Most homeowners know that foundations are prone to settling. Newly built houses will experience it in the first few years, but even beyond that, your house will continue to […]

Can Your Foundation Become Too Dry?

Everyone knows the potential problems that can happen when a foundation becomes too wet. Poor drainage and pooling water around a foundation can cause the soil to expand, shift, and the water can place pressure on foundation parts like your basement walls. However, the alternative – the soil being too dry – can also be […]

What Causes Concrete Slab Foundation Failure?

Concrete slab foundations are the most popular kind of foundations for homes in Texas and beyond. They are also one of the most simple considering it is just a flat surface of concrete. It should make your feel pretty secure, but everything is prone to failure. When a concrete slab foundation fails, it mean that […]

How is House Leveling Done?

House leveling, by pure definition, is simple. It is taking the lowest part of your sinking, damaged foundation and making it level with the highest point of that foundation. Of course, that makes it sound simple, and it might be if there wasn’t already a house on top of that foundation. House leveling, in process, […]

3 Common Questions About Foundation Inspections

Foundation inspections are important and having them done by a professional is key. Here are three common questions about foundation inspections. 1. When should I get one? There are a few different reasons why you may want to get a foundation inspection. One situation where it is important is when you are purchasing a home. […]

3 Home Renovation Projects That Can Help Your Pier and Beam Foundation

Repairing your foundation isn’t a fun renovation project. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your pier and beam foundation inspected or since you’ve been into the crawlspace, check it out as you work on your other home improvement projects. These popular renovations let you protect or inspect your foundation for invisible damage along […]

Can Tree Roots Harm a Foundation?

You may associate foundation damage with highly visible events like earthquakes and floods, but it can also occur in slow, subtle ways. Shifting soil and the growth of tree roots could cause building materials to settle or crack. Roots have the potential to inflict damage by penetrating the foundation or affecting soil composition. Species Some […]

Common Problems That Can Manifest in Pier and Beam Foundations

With any type of foundation, cracking around the home can be a sign of serious problems. However, the problems that slab foundations have are not the same problems that can happen in your pier and beam foundation. They may be caused by similar issues like shifting soil and water, but they are different issues. If […]