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A Home is Only as Strong as its Foundation

If you require a new roof, you may have heard that you need to have your foundation inspected. Perhaps you’re wondering what the foundation has to do with your roof. The truth is that nothing above your foundation is safe or secure if it is sitting on a damaged foundation. Potential Foundation Problems Due to […]

What You Should Know Before Starting a Roof Renovation

Your roof has gone through a lot. Rain, snow, wind, sun, the freeze-thaw cycle and much more. So, now it’s time for a renovation, and you’re ready to improve your home by replacing your leaky top. However, before you lay down your hard-earned money, you may want to look into a foundation inspection. Why? Well, […]

Get A Foundation Repair Evaluation Before A Home Remodel

Texas homeowners should make sure to hire a foundation inspector before getting any home renovations, including a new roof done. As any good homemaker knows with cleaning, start from the bottom up. Any good foundation repair will tell you the same is true for home renovations. Make sure you are building on a sturdy foundation […]

A Crash Course On Your Home’s Foundation

Signs of a Problem Signs of foundation problems are often subtle in their early stages, so it’s important to periodically inspect your home, both inside and outside. Take note of cracked or bowing walls as well as sticking windows and doors. Foundations that are visibly sinking should also be inspected. Causes of settlement A house […]

Why is My Foundation Chipping Away?

While you may know how big of a deal cracking on your foundation can be, if you notice chips of even whole section sloughing off of a foundation, this should be just as concerning. Your foundation is literally crumbling underneath you, and it needs to be addressed immediately. What Causes Chipping On a Foundation? Unfortunately, […]

Will You Be Able to Live in Your Home During Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is one of those things that you ideally only need to have done once in a lifetime. As such, it is a process that people don’t actually have too much firsthand knowledge about. When you imagine foundation repair, you might imagine your house being raised up six feet in the air to make […]

Benefits of Winter Foundation Repair

It is kind of crazy what home tasks we put off just because it is a little cold outside. In truth, the winter is often a great time to have a lot of work done on your home because the ground is harder and because everyone else thinks it is not a good time. If […]

What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Driveway slabs, sidewalk slabs, even your poolside patio – All concrete is at risk for sinking at some point. When it does sink, the concrete can crack due to changes in level or simple become uneven with other nearby areas. It can be a serious trip hazard at times, but most of all, it just […]

Foundation Factors That Affect Foundation Repair Length

If you are in need for foundation repair, you will want to know how long it will take. Some foundation repairs can be a touch disruptive to your normal life. However, the answer for how long the repair will take depends on a few unique factors. If you are looking for the best estimate, you […]