How to Protect Your Foundation from Flash Floods

It may be the last thing you expected in North Texas, but flash floods and longer-lasting floods have started to become a new normal that homeowners need to worry about. If you’ve already made adjustments to your landscaping in order to protect your home from the usual summer struggles, don’t worry! All that work won’t […]

3 Things to Look for As You Clean Out Your Gutters This Fall

Fall is finally here in North Texas, and that means you might need to clean out your home’s gutters. As you check out the gutters, keep an eye out for these three things that can harm your foundation (even during the cold months): 1. Is runoff flowing away from your home? Your downspouts should connect […]

Your Roof Damage Might Actually Be Foundation Damage

After every hail storm in the DFW area, neighborhoods are dotted with rooftops that have repairs underway. Shingles get ripped off, forceful hail can punch straight through the sublayers, and even the chimney cap can get cracked. If you find spots of water damage in your ceiling, that’s a clear sign that rain is getting […]

When Can You Repair Cosmetic Damage After Foundation Repair?

Often it is when you start seeing damage to items like sheetrock or drywall that you know, for sure, that you have foundation problems. Until you have those foundation issues diagnosed and repaired, there isn’t much of a point to fixing the cosmetic damage. Your foundation could continue to shift more and then you will […]

Protect Your Foundation With A Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Crawl spaces under your home contain dirt floors which are generally damp. Water may easily access the space, and the added moisture increases the risk of mildew, mold, insects, rust, and rot in your home. A moisture barrier or vapor barrier can prevent health problems and keep moisture from seeping into your home and causing […]

Are Minor Slab Foundation Cracks a Problem?

If you have been outside your home and spotted a crack in your visible slab, you may be tempted to panic. It is widely known how expensive serious foundation issues can be to repair. However, not every single crack in your foundation means your slab is badly damaged. Over time, concrete will settle into the […]

Reasons a Home May Need to be Raised Off Its Foundation

Once built, a home seems sturdy and unmovable, but that is not the case. While difficult to move, with the right tool, it can be done. It can be lifted right off its foundation using hydraulic screw jacks as little as six inches or as high as 12 feet. However, here are reasons a home […]

Keep Bugs Out of an Older Pier and Beam Foundation with These Three Repairs

Pier and beam foundations aren’t just vulnerable to water damage and shifting soil. They also need a bit of extra protection against insects. If you’re purchasing or maintaining an older home, check these three quick repairs of your list to keep bugs out. 1. Replace the ventilation screens. Every pier and beam foundation needs adequate […]

The Four Most Common Home Foundations

Building a foundation is an important first step in building houses that will last. Here are the four types of foundation most commonly used by home builders. The Four Types of Foundation Your House Could Be Sitting On Pier Foundations Also referred to as pier and beam, this type of foundation consists of either wood posts […]