Routine Inspection of Concrete Slab Foundation

Your home represents your investment portfolio. All of it rests upon a hopefully solid foundation, and the best time to discover an issue there is before it becomes a problem. For this, you should have a plan to perform a foundation inspection and know some of the things to look for in a slab foundation. […]

Should I Repair Cracked Concrete Before Listing?

What causes cracked concrete, and should I bother getting it fixed? Cracked concrete poses an array of red flags to potential home buyers. Aside from cracked concrete being unsightly, it’s often indicative of a larger issue. Sinking, settling foundations, shifting soil, and changes in temperature or moisture of surrounding soil can all contribute to cracks in […]

Pier and Beam Foundations and Repair 101

Foundation repair techniques and costs will depend heavily upon the type of foundation your home has. The most common types of foundations are slabs, and pier and beams. Below we will discuss pier and beam foundations and repair 101. What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? With pier and beam foundations, workers place concrete slabs […]

What to Expect During a Foundation Inspection

It’s essential to have a stable foundation at it’s base. Your home may be showing signs of foundation concerns, such as cracks in the foundation. It’s better to be safe than sorry – call for a foundation inspection. During the Inspection Share what you’ve noticed and the specific locations of your concerns. We may have […]

Can Tree Roots Cause Damage to Your Home’s Foundation?

Do you have trees on your property and are worried that their roots may be growing towards your home? If this is the case, you should be concerned about the health of your foundation. When tree roots grow towards your building, they can invade the foundation and cause costly damage. You may wonder, “How can […]

Can The Summer Weather Cause Foundation Cracks?

Have you ever been concerned about whether the temperatures during the summer will have an impact on your home’s foundation? If you are concerned, you have the right to be concerned because the heat can indeed cause cracks and other damage to your home’s foundation. When the summer heat causes damage to your home’s foundation, […]

3 Signs That You Are in Need of a Foundation Inspection

A home’s foundation supports the entire building above it and helps to ensure its structural integrity. This makes it critical that you notice foundation problems early and have them fixed, as foundation problems can end up causing other issues throughout your home. Yet, how will you know when your home is in need of a […]

5 Signs You May Need House Leveling

All home foundations will settle over time. Foundation failure needs to be addressed right away. If not repaired, foundation problems can cause structural damage to your home and lower its value. House leveling addresses these concerns. House leveling is a foundation repair that lifts the house as close to its original position as possible. Foundation […]

Questions and Answers About Slab and Foundation Repair

Questions You May Have About Your Foundation or Slab Every region of our nation presents its homeowners with maintenance challenges. Here in Texas, expansive soils often present homeowners with tough choices. Knowing a bit about slab and foundation repair can lower your stress levels a bit. So let’s look at some of the questions homeowners […]