How Can A Drought Affect My Foundation?

Long periods of drought are an extremely common occurrence throughout Texas. We may not think that dry spells can have an impact on our homes. However, getting your foundation checked out professionally will likely tell you a different story. How do droughts affect my home’s foundation? According to a KSAT article, the reason that a drought can […]

Why You Should Always Hire A Foundation Repair Company

If you think that you may be having some issues with your home’s foundation, it is an excellent idea to contact a professional for help. In this situation it is always best to hire a professional to perform the repair. Here are three reasons why you should hire a foundation repair company. . You Have […]

Does Winter Really Affect a Home’s Foundation?

During the winter, potential thawing and freezing are not usually considered a significant threat, though cold weather could still be very destructive to your home. Low temperatures, together with occasional freezing rain, ice, and snowfall, can significantly affect your foundation and cause far-reaching structural damage across your entire home. So, how can winter really affect […]

Can Texas Drought Cause Foundation Problems?

Drought is one of those weather phenomena that’s been known to sneak up on us in Texas. While we haven’t had a bad one since 2015, when drought does strike, it’s important to understand what it can do to your home. Long spells of dry weather don’t always harm roofs and siding, but they do […]

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Slab Foundation Repair

When it comes to your slab foundation repair, this is a job that is best left up to the professionals. Their expertise makes them highly qualified and skilled to do the job for you. Here are three great reasons why slab foundation repair is best left up to the professionals. You Save Time  If something […]

Carrying Out Foundation Work On Modern Buildings

While the foundation of a modern building is the only part that is unexposed to outside weather conditions, foundation work should not be taken for granted. Maintaining the building’s foundation is the key towards stability of the structure and its longevity. Indeed, the foundation is what carries the entire load of a structure as well […]

Can a Drought Cause Foundation Problems?

Long periods with no rain can create issues. The clay needs water to sustain its structure and without it will evaporate. The structure begins to shrink, leaving gaps and cavities between your home and the ground. Gradually, gravity pushes your home into the gaps. The process is what we call “settling” or “settlement.” Now, settling […]

What are the Effects of Water on Your Foundation?

The foundation is a crucial component of your home that supports the entire structure. Most people often ignore inspecting their foundation until there are serious problems. This can lead to costly repairs that may take more time than if you repaired your foundation earlier. In most cases, the foundation accumulates water from rain, kitchen tap, […]

3 Benefits Of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling can do wonders when it comes to leveling out old concrete that has become uneven and structurally unsound.  Here are three awesome benefits of concrete leveling. Cheaper Than Having It Replaced  One great reason to go with leveling is because it is cheaper than replacing the concrete entirely. You instead have the concrete […]

3 Signs That You Need To Have Your Slab Foundation Repaired

Your slab foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home, so making sure it is in good condition is incredibly important. Thankfully, there are certain signs that indicate you may have a foundation issue. Here are three signs that you need to have your slab foundation repaired. Your Doors Aren’t Latching Properly  […]