5 Foundation Repair Myths Debunked

There are several stories we hear about concrete foundation repairs. In this article, we take a look at some foundations’ myths that you should not keep in mind when deciding to repair your foundation.

5 Foundation Repair Myths Debunked

New Homes Don’t Require Foundation Repairs

Homeowners tend to believe that they cannot have foundation issues if they live in a newly constructed premise. That is not the case as, during the building process, the crew digs out the soil to form the home’s foundation. In the end, this loosens the remaining soil while exposing your foundation to water problems or settlements. As a homeowner, hire the services of an expert  to perform a quality job.

Waiting Can Make Things Better

This myth is false as foundation issues get worse with time. The more time you take to repair, the cracks continue to become advanced. Keep in mind that if you wait longer, the cost of repair will continue to be costly. The best decision is to repair it as soon as you discover the issue.

 Any Contractor Can Repair Your Foundation

Often people tend to choose the cheapest option for any construction project. However, this will only make you incur unnecessary costs in the future. The most suitable and recommended way is to choose a reputable contractor with good recommendations. Ensure the contractor specializes in foundations and concrete repairs before hiring their services.

Foundation Problems Result From the Way Your House Was Built

When you experience foundation problems, it does not necessarily mean that your foundation is of lower quality. For example, the soil is prone to expansion and shrinking when exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, foundation problems should not make you regret investing in the house.

Concrete Cracks Are Normal

Concrete material is prone to cracks over time. That does not necessarily mean that your home’s foundation must have cracks. If you spot multiple cracks on your foundation, hire a professional to assess and repair the damage.

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