Can Texas Drought Cause Foundation Problems?

Drought is one of those weather phenomena that’s been known to sneak up on us in Texas. While we haven’t had a bad one since 2015, when drought does strike, it’s important to understand what it can do to your home. Long spells of dry weather don’t always harm roofs and siding, but they do invariably affect the soil. This, in turn, affects your home’s foundation.

Can Texas Drought Cause Foundation Problems?

Soil Is Your Foundation’s Foundation

The biggest reason drought causes foundation problems is that the long-term lack of water causes soil to shrink. This shrinking creates spaces between the foundation and the earth below it. As your house quickly settles against these new gaps, the foundation can crack.

Your yard’s soil type is a factor in the degree of foundation damage caused by drought as well. For example, clay-heavy soil is more likely to be affected by drought than sandy soil. Texas has much more of the former than the latter. For that reason, foundations here are prone to drought damage.

How Can You Spot Foundation Damage Caused by Drought?

  • Interior floors feel uneven.
  • You’ve noticed cracks in plaster or walls.
  • You’ve noticed cracks on the exterior of your home, such as on siding or bricks.
  • Small cracks are visible in the foundation itself.
  • Doors don’t close correctly or fit into their frames properly.

Are There Ways To Prevent Foundation Drought Damage?

Since most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover foundation damage caused by drought, taking simple preventive measures is a good way to be proactive.

Before drought hits:

  • Plant shrubs close to your home (not trees, especially large ones).
  • Use a quality mulch to help lock in moisture.

During the drought:

  • Use a drip or soaker hose around your home’s foundation a few times a day.

Foundation Repair After Drought

You can’t control the weather or all aspects of the soil beneath your foundation, and despite your best efforts, your home may still be impacted by drought at some point. Perhaps you purchased a home that already has foundation damage that wasn’t repaired by its previous owners. We’re here to help! Dodson Foundation Repair has been providing honest foundation work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 40 years. We offer financing and guarantee all our services. Call us today to learn more.

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