Does Winter Really Affect a Home’s Foundation?

During the winter, potential thawing and freezing are not usually considered a significant threat, though cold weather could still be very destructive to your home. Low temperatures, together with occasional freezing rain, ice, and snowfall, can significantly affect your foundation and cause far-reaching structural damage across your entire home.

So, how can winter really affect your home’s foundation? Here are 4 ways:


1. Frost Heave Damage

A frost heave happens when the soil swells upwards due to freezing. In this state, the soil begins pushing the foundation while putting pressure on the foundation walls. This causes damage to your foundation, leading to issues like cracks in the floors, walls, and ceilings, which could result in further damage.

2. Frozen Discharge Line

If you own a sump pump, the discharge line is in danger of becoming frozen during winter. The pump pushes extra water out of your home through the discharge line. Once this line freezes, water is forced back into your home, which may cause basement flooding.

3. Water Damage

Cracks in your basement and foundation will begin growing because of freezing and thawing water. As the cracks widen, the interior of your house begins to pull apart while separating from your roof. This abrupt increase in moisture will result in a major deterioration in your crawl space or basement.

4. Leaks and Seepage

Dependent on how much ice, snow, winter rain, and sleet rain are available, wintry precipitation can begin to melt as well as seep into the soil around your foundation when the temperatures rise. If the water surrounding your house becomes excess, it’s going to look for a way out. Unfortunately, that moisture will most likely end up pooling around your house’s foundation, triggering dampness and mold.

Prevent Winter Today in Your Home with Proper Foundation Care

If you can check off any gaps between walls and flooring, in walls or doors at ground level, it’s time you considered inspecting and repairing your foundation. At Dodson Foundation Repair, we can help you fight back against the intense cold in order to save your home’s foundation.

Contact us today to get more acquainted with our services. We take pride in your satisfaction!

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