Common Problems That Can Manifest in Pier and Beam Foundations

With any type of foundation, cracking around the home can be a sign of serious problems. However, the problems that slab foundations have are not the same problems that can happen in your pier and beam foundation. They may be caused by similar issues like shifting soil and water, but they are different issues. If you have a pier and beam foundation supporting your home, here is what can go wrong with it.

Common Problems That Can Manifest in Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier Collapse

Over time, piers could partially or fully collapse. Usually this happens with age or because poor materials were used to construct the piece. When one has collapsed, usually the solution is to shim it and stabilize the pier to prevent further damage. However, it may need to be replaced if it is too far gone.

Beam Decay

Similar to pier collapse, your beams will decay over time. This is a problem that you can expect if you have wood beams instead of steel. Unfortunately, if you have had flooding, moisture problems, or insect issues, these issues can lead to this problem. Unlike with pier collapse, decaying wooden beams will need to be replaced since there is no way to stop the decay once it starts.

Beam Shift

Over time, particularly if you have shifting soils, you may notice that the beams are starting to shift in one direction. When this happens, you may start to have sagging floors. However, it can be fixed by the installation of shims.

Shim Degradation

In order to cut costs in the repair, a contractor may have installed wooden shims to fix an earlier foundation problem. The issue here is that wood will decay over time and you will be back to having that exact same problem.

Do you have a pier and beam foundation that is manifesting any of these problems? Don’t wait to get it repaired, the problem will only get worse. Contact us today to see what Dodson Foundation Repair can do to get your house back on steady legs.

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