3 Home Renovation Projects That Can Help Your Pier and Beam Foundation

Repairing your foundation isn’t a fun renovation project. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your pier and beam foundation inspected or since you’ve been into the crawlspace, check it out as you work on your other home improvement projects. These popular renovations let you protect or inspect your foundation for invisible damage along the way:

1. Renovating Your Lawn and Landscaping

3 Home Renovation Projects That Can Help Your Pier and Beam FoundationIf you love gardening, it’s just about time to start renovating your landscaping for autumn and winter. As you replace annual plants or reseed the grass, you aren’t just making the lawn look beautiful. Encouraging plants to grow deep roots in the soil, especially along your foundation line, help stop the soil from moving and pulling away from the concrete. Paying close attention to your garden beds also gives you a chance to look for cracks and crumbling edges. If you want to give your lawn a whole new look, check out these landscaping tips.

2. Replacing Your Old Windows

Replacing single pane windows with double-paned and energy-efficient models is a great way to reduce your energy bill and increase your home’s insulation. It can also reveal hard-to-spot problems that are developing with your foundation. Too much shifting or settling can make the windows start to separate from the interior and exterior walls. Professional installers can identify even more signs of a potential shift, and you might spot some cracks as you take a few initial measurements or remove the window fixtures.

3. Replacing Your Tub or Shower

Old tubs and showers can develop hairline cracks that are nearly impossible to catch until you remove the fixture. Once it’s out of the way, you can see any water damage that may be weakening the subfloors or even the piers themselves. Take the opportunity to shine a flashlight into any gaps and check for mold or rot.

The more vigilant you are during any renovation projects, the less likely your foundation is to develop massive problems without you catching them early. Schedule an evaluation with Dodson Foundation Repair to see where your foundation stands.

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