4 Best Methods of Residential Foundation Repair

You spent significant amounts of money when buying your home. The least you can do is take care of it to ensure it remains in excellent condition. One excellent way to maintain your property is by getting residential foundation repair services when necessary.

4 Best Methods of Residential Foundation Repair

What Is a Foundation?

The foundation of your house is the part that’s in contact with the soil or ground. The foundation transmits your home’s load to the ground and stabilizes the structure. Common foundation types are concrete slab, basement foundation, and crawl space.

Soil conditions often cause most foundation issues. Expansive clay soils and shifting soil can cause foundation problems, such as cracks, foundation movement, and leaks.

Best Methods of Residential Foundation Repair

Professionals can repair your home’s foundation using these methods:

  • Sealants and masonry patches: foundation repair experts can fix patches and cracks in a house’s structure by patching and covering them with a waterproof masonry sealer. Commonly used sealers include vinyl concrete, hydraulic cement, polyurethane, silicone, and epoxies. Masonry patches can fix minor cracks.
  • Slab jacking (mudjacking): this method lifts a foundation with uneven or sinking concrete. It suits small jobs like raising steps, porches, walkways, driveways, garage floors, and decks. Professionals know local soil characteristics and equipment needed to repair a settling foundation.
  • Piering or piling: professionals use a concrete or steel pier to resettle the foundation. They perform piering by excavating earth strata, while piling involves driven piles into the soil.
  • Soil stabilizing (soil modification): makes the ground stiffer and more stable. Professionals use various chemicals to fill voids in soil layers. Professionals often avoid this method because it is costly and needs high maintenance.

The best foundation repair method for your home depends on the climate, soil type, specific problem, and foundation build. A foundation repair specialist can inspect your home’s foundation and determine the best approach to fix your foundation.


To discover more about the different methods of residential foundation repair or hire a specialist to inspect your foundation for free, contact us at Dodson Foundation Repair.

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