Are Minor Slab Foundation Cracks a Problem?

If you have been outside your home and spotted a crack in your visible slab, you may be tempted to panic. It is widely known how expensive serious foundation issues can be to repair. However, not every single crack in your foundation means your slab is badly damaged.Are Minor Slab Foundation Cracks a Problem?

Over time, concrete will settle into the earth. When this happens, some cracking is to be expected. Furthermore, if these cracks go unaddressed, you can expect them to only grow larger. When water or even just humidity get inside a crack, it can cause the crack to widen and become a more serious threat.

Your true concern should not be the size of the crack, necessarily, but rather the angle. Hairline cracks that run almost exclusively up and down are caused by settling and aren’t a serious concern. However, diagonal or horizontal cracks can be an early sign that something more serious is wrong with your foundation. When you notice these cracks, or even if you are just concerned about any crack, you should have a foundation inspection to make sure everything is fine.

If everything checks out with a foundation inspection, the inspector will likely let you know that even minor cracks need action. Typically the fix for minor, non-structural integrity threatening cracks is a simple one. The crack is filled an epoxy that will seal it up tightly. This keeps it from expanding further and protects it from any exterior wear from weather.

While minor foundation cracks aren’t typically cause for concern, you do still need to take some action. A simple epoxy injection is infinitely cheaper that full slab repair if a crack is left unattended. If you have minor slab cracks and want to make sure your foundation is okay or have the cracks patched up quickly, contact us today to see how Dodson Foundation Repair can help.

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