Why is My Foundation Chipping Away?

While you may know how big of a deal cracking on your foundation can be, if you notice chips of even whole section sloughing off of a foundation, this should be just as concerning. Your foundation is literally crumbling underneath you, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

Why is My Foundation Chipping Away?

What Causes Chipping On a Foundation?

Unfortunately, chipping and crumbling on a foundation is often a fundamental issue. It is something that happens because the foundation was not properly cured or poor finishing techniques were used when it was constructed. However, the issue can be caused by the natural freeze and thaw cycle if it has been quite extreme over the years as well. Furthermore, sandblasting of even power washing a foundation with too high a pressure can cause the issue as well.

Unfortunately, once chipping or crumbling starts, it will continue to happen and grow even worse. If you ignore it, whole sections could crumble away over the years.

Fixing a Crumbling Foundations

Depending on the circumstances that caused foundation crumbling, different repair methods may be suggested. In most cases, an epoxy injection will be recommended to strengthen the area. This will also prevent water from infiltrating the area and making the issue worse. Drainage solutions and vapor barrier installation may also be recommended to further keep water away from your foundation if the chipping is caused by fundamental issues that can’t really be fixed without redoing the foundation completely.

If you do keep moisture away from it and address chips early, you can still get a long lifespan from your foundation. However, it will require a lifetime of monitoring. If you have foundation crumbling and don’t have a obvious cause for it, contact us today. Dodson Foundation Repair can help you take the steps to get it fixed and keep it from crumbling underfoot.

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