Do Foundations Require Regular Maintenance?

Home foundations are (hopefully) the stable surface on which your house sits. However, we only tend to give them much attention when there is a problem. You may wonder if your foundation may need more attention than you are giving it. Are there any maintenance tasks that you could be doing for your foundation?

The good news is that most of the beneficial things you should be doing for your foundation are usually already being done as part of what is considered good home maintenance routines.

Do Foundations Require Regular Maintenance?

Maintaining Drainage

The best way to help your foundation is to keep it dry. This means making sure your gutters are clear and your downspouts drain a sufficient distance from the foundation. After rainfall, look for areas of pooling to make sure your grading is still in order. If water is pooling near the foundation, you may need to explore drainage solutions.

Watering the Foundation

While keeping a foundation dry is important, it should never be too dry. During summer droughts, it can be helpful to water around your foundation just to prevent extreme expansion and contraction of the soil. If you see the soil starting to pull away from the foundation, it needs a bit of watering.

Keeping Trees At Bay

While planting near your foundation can help maintain proper drainage and can actually prevent foundation problems, large trees should be kept well away from the home for a number of reasons. When it comes to your foundation, trees with shallow, wide spreading roots can cause foundation issues if planted too near the home.

Monitoring Cracks

Many foundation cracks are harmless. However, if you do notice a new one, you will want to keep it monitored. Is it getting bigger or wider? Then it is time to call a professional.

Even if you are diligent with these maintenance tasks, you never know what the soil around your home is going to do. If it is causing foundation issues, contact us today to see what Dodson Foundation Repair can do to help.

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