3 Things You Should Do Before Protesting Your Property Value

DFW housing prices are continuing to skyrocket. Many properties have seen a 65% increase in the past five years alone due to the increase in jobs, the remodeling of schools, and the popularity of DFW suburbs. But if you think your property’s valuation is far too high for what your house should actually be valued as, you can protest the amount. Many times, the first step is a semi-automated adjustment to settle the matter. If you want to lower it further, you can also schedule a hearing. Here are three things you should do before that hearing date arrives:

3 Things You Should Do Before Protesting Your Property Value

1. Take lots of pictures.

When you go to the hearing, pictures are some of the best evidence you can bring. Outdated features, foundation cracks, and old shingles tell the board of randomized homeowners if your property would need a bit of fixing up to reach the property value that it’s listed as. They can factor in all of the outdated or damaged parts of your home.

2. File for a homestead exemption.

Homestead exemptions cap the percentage of increased valuation your property can face year after year. It establishes if your house is your primary residence, or homestead, and it won’t cap every element of the valuation. But it can slow down the skyrocketing increase so you aren’t priced out of your own home.

3. Show up with foundation repair estimates.

While pictures say a thousand words, estimates can do even more. Get a quote from a foundation company about any leveling or piers your property may need. Depending on your property, you can also make a case for needing a retaining wall or tree removal to keep the foundation safe. All of those prices help lower the property value because they demonstrate the hypothetical amount of money that would need to be spent to get the property up to that postulated value.

When you need quotes to back up your protest, contact us for an evaluation. We can schedule an appointment quickly and also start the process of repairing or strengthening your foundation.

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