What Happens When You Put Off Concrete Leveling

Some things only get better with time, but unfortunately uneven concrete is not one of those things. Over time, soil shifting, root growth, or just normal cracking can result in concrete becoming raised and uneven. While uneven concrete looks bad, so many people put off the task of having their concrete leveled. The bad news is that it is not going to get better with time, but what happens if you leave it be?What Happens When You Put Off Concrete Leveling

The Issue Will Worsen

For example, say you have a sidewalk whose slabs of concrete are being pushed up by a tree root. If you got rid of the root, the slabs may settle, but they will not be even. You will have a jagged walkway that becomes a hazard for anyone walking past. Even worse, if you leave the responsible issue, in this case tree root, it will continue to push up slabs indefinitely.

Decreases Your Home’s Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first impression it makes. If you have jagged concrete walkways or an uneven driveway, it looks bad. If you are trying to sell your home, potential buyers may see this as something they will need to fix or just a plain old nuisance that will make them pass on buying your home.

Becomes a Safety Hazard

Uneven concrete is, as one would suspect, and accident waiting to happen. You are charged with maintaining your home, so if someone trips over your concrete walkway, it could turn into a lawsuit. However, even without legal concerns, uneven concrete will continue to become a potential hazard to your family.

It Grows More Costly

In a touch of irony, leaving concrete unlevel because you don’t want to pay to have it fixed will ultimately cost you more money. The longer concrete remains unlevel, the more work it will take to level it out again.

Concrete leveling is important to keep your home beautiful and safe. If you have patches that need repaired, contact us today to see how Dodson Foundation Repair can help

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