Questions and Answers About Slab and Foundation Repair

Questions You May Have About Your Foundation or Slab

Every region of our nation presents its homeowners with maintenance challenges. Here in Texas, expansive soils often present homeowners with tough choices. Knowing a bit about slab and foundation repair can lower your stress levels a bit. So let’s look at some of the questions homeowners most often ask.

Questions and Answers About Slab and Foundation Repair

Q: My home has shifted a bit, and there is some cracking. Does that mean I need foundation repair?

A: Not necessarily. Especially for recently built homes, some settling is unavoidable and may be reasonable for the age of the house. And sometimes it makes sense to wait a while for repairs, no sense doing things twice. If you’ve experienced a sales pitch that seemed designed to scare you into an expensive repair, it might make sense to give us a call for a free estimate before you commit. “It just depends,” may sound vague, but it’s often true.

Q: My patio slab seems to tilt towards the house and I’m afraid it’s letting water seep under my foundation. Should I be worried, and can you fix my patio slab?

A: Worried? No. But it is a concern and one that we can help you with. And yes, we can fix your patio slab. Any surface that causes rain or sprinkler water to flow towards your house is something we should discuss.

Q: A friend told me that my beautiful flower bed could be contributing to my foundation/slab problems. Is this true? And can I fix it?

A: A flower bed that slopes towards the house or doesn’t drain well, can be a problem. This may be a problem you take care of yourself, or it might require a bit more expertise. It’s important going forward that you monitor and maintain the slope and firmness of the soil adjacent to your foundation.

Q: Are there simple things that I can do to prevent slab and foundation problems?

A: There are some things you can do to avoid future repairs.

  • Maintaining the correct moisture levels in the soil next to your house, especially during the summer. This is one of those things we’ll likely discuss with you during your free estimate, even if your home doesn’t need repairs.
  • Monitoring the slope of flower beds, planters, and lawns next to your foundation walls, or slab edges. Usually about a 3% slope is required for the first few feet, and as little as 1% when you get a bit further away from the house. We’re not stingy with our knowledge. If during a free inspection we notice something that you can do yourself to fix or prevent a problem, we’ll tell you. Adding soil when needed, and tamping it to the correct slope is a bit of annual maintenance that any DIYer can learn.

Q: My home’s foundation and slab problems are serious. Are you a full-service foundation repair company?

A: Yes. Be it a simple repair or a real challenge. We’ve seen almost everything in our 40-plus years of service. From fixing a misbehaving planter to pier replacement, we can do the job, all with as little disruption of your life as possible. Spend a bit of time on our testimonials page, and we think you’ll feel confident relying on Dodson Foundation Repair.

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