5 Signs You May Need House Leveling

All home foundations will settle over time. Foundation failure needs to be addressed right away. If not repaired, foundation problems can cause structural damage to your home and lower its value. House leveling addresses these concerns. House leveling is a foundation repair that lifts the house as close to its original position as possible.

Foundation problems have several possible causes. Poor construction, expansive soil, erosion, and invasive tree roots can all damage your home’s foundation. In addition to repairing your foundation, It’s important to address the source of the problem to prevent further damage.

5 Signs You May Need House Leveling

Here are five signs that your house needs leveling.

Visible cracks in the walls. Cracking in the walls is one of the most obvious signs of foundation damage.  If you have a brick house, you might also see cracks in your exterior. Look out for cracks in the mortar in between the bricks.

Bowing basement walls. A shifting foundation can push your basement walls inward, giving them a bowed look. If your basement walls look bowed or bent, have your foundation inspected as soon as possible.

Sticking doors and windows. When your foundation shifts, it prevents your windows and doors from lining up correctly. The result is that your doors and windows stick, making it difficult to open and close them properly.

Sloping floors. If your floors are uneven or sloping, or if they’re sagging or bowing, this is another sign that you need house leveling.    

Gaps between your walls and ceilings. Foundation shifting can create gaps between your crown molding and your ceiling, and between caulking and doors or windows.

If you notice any of these problems, it’s critical to have your foundation inspected by a professional as soon as you can. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and repair. We have been serving the Dallas area for more than forty years and we take pride in providing honest foundation work.

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