The Four Most Common Home Foundations

Building a foundation is an important first step in building houses that will last. Here are the four types of foundation most commonly used by home builders. The Four Types of Foundation Your House Could Be Sitting On

The Four Most Common Home Foundations

Pier Foundations

Also referred to as pier and beam, this type of foundation consists of either wood posts or concrete piers that bear the weight of a building. These piers are set deep in the ground and elevate the structure above them by about 18-inches. They work best with smaller structures, including houses.


Most people think of basements as potential living space for their home, not necessarily a foundation. This has much to do with how the foundation is laid. It starts with an eight-foot deep hole the size of the house. After that, the beams are poured, cinder walls are formed, and the concrete slab is poured within the walls. Precautions need to be taken, but a basement can be finished and boost a house’s total square footage.

Crawl Spaces

Like a pier foundation, crawl spaces sit about 18-inches off the ground. Where they differ is that footings and foundation walls are poured to support the house. This particular type of foundation allows for better access to utilities, even if people have to crawl in order to do so.

Slab Foundations

This type of foundation is made of concrete, and is built directly on the ground. There is no space underneath, and utilities are buried underneath the slab. Home builders love to use it because it is cheaper and less-labor intensive. Many newer houses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have slab foundations.

No foundation is perfect, whether it’s a pier foundation or otherwise. Over time, they crack, weaken, or have other issues. If you suspect your home’s foundation needs repair, contact us today to set up an inspection and discuss your options.

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