How a Foundation Repair Evaluation Can Save You Money

Your home’s foundation is important to the health of the home overall. If it’s damaged, it can ring in major repair cost or even replace. This is especially true with older homes. With a foundation repair evaluation, you will not only find out what may need repaired, but at what cost. But there are ways an evaluation can save you money in the short and long run.

How a Foundation Repair Evaluation Can Save You Money

They Can Spot Potential Risk

The professional that comes out to your home for an evaluation will be able to spot areas that may be at risk of becoming damaged or causing further damage. These can be high pressure areas that are under a lot of tension, hairline cracks and more. With cracks in the walls, they can begin to grow into gaps and allow a major amount of water to come in. The same goes for cracks in the floor.

While some of these issues can be repaired easily, others may require a professional. The foundation evaluation will help you if you figure this out.

Preventative Maintenance from Further Damage

As problem areas are found, damage can be handled properly. Damage is introduced both from the inside and the outside. Rainwater and snow penetrate the concrete, resulting in leaks and cracking. An evaluation will show you how to look for these signs and how to prevent them from happening. Preventative maintenance is important for your foundation and overall health of your home.

Your Home Value Will Raise

With a healthy foundation that can pass inspection, your home will rise in value. This is because you are saving yourself from further repairs, saving future owners repair cost if you sell your home and it will make your home stand out from houses that have a faulty foundation.

Dodson Foundation Repair is committed to serving our customers. If you need a foundation repair evaluation, we’ve got you covered. With over 40 years of experience, there is nothing that we can’t do for you. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help you and meet your needs.

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