Water Can Be Your Home’s Worst Enemy

Most people are aware of the damage that is done when a water pipe bursts or a tub happens to overflow in a house and causes a flood, but few think about water damage coming from the outside.  Depending on where you live in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth areas, you can get over 30 to 40 inches of rain a year.  Add this to how many people have swimming pools, and automated landscape watering systems and the threat to your foundation is real if your property does not have proper drainage.

Water Can Be Your Home's Worst Enemy

Pooling and Running Water Near Your Foundation

 We are not talking about fun summer swimming, but that dangerous pooling near your home’s foundation.  If left unchecked, over time, pooling water will compromise your foundation.  This will cause soft spots, it can over-compact, or in the worst cases, erode the soil creating a hole under the foundation.  Running water is even more dangerous because it works fast.  If you see a stream of water running along the side of your home’s foundation when it rains, or the irrigation is running, you will need to address the situation right away.  Flowing water should always run away from the foundation of your home, away from fencing, and toward proper drainage points on your property.  Water running too close to your foundation will erode, wash away, and quickly undermine the compacted soil that supports your home.  All these situations will cause the weight of your foundation to sink and damage your home.

If you have seen drainage issues on your property, or have seen any signs of damaged or compromised foundation, please reach out to Dodson Foundation Repair for help.  If you see something and are not sure if it is foundation damage, feel free to contact us to come out for an evaluation of your home.

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