Five Signs That Your Home’s Foundation May Have Cracks

Cracks in your home’s foundation are a big deal.  They can cause significant damage throughout your entire house and create uneven surfaces.  Larger cracks may also affect the structural integrity of your house.

While cracks may happen out of sight, many of the signs can be seen throughout your house.  Here are several signs that your foundation may have cracks:

Five Signs That Your Home's Foundation May Have Cracks

Cracks or bowing of interior walls

Cracks in your foundation can cause your house to shift.  Because houses weren’t made to move when your foundation cracks, your houses walls may start to break.  If your walls have cracks or are starting to slant or bow, you may need to have your house’s foundation checked.

Cracks on exterior walls

Just like interior walls, cracks on exterior walls may be a sign of foundation problems.  For example, if you have a brick house and you see cracks on the mortar joints between individual bricks, this may be caused by cracks in the foundation.

Uneven floors

A cracked foundation can affect your floors as well.  Cracks can create floors that are uneven or slant to one side.  If your floor used to be flat, but now feels slanted, this might be caused by a foundation crack.

Crooked doorways or windows

If your foundation starts cracking and starts shifting, your doors and windows may be affected.  If the crack moves your foundation, your doors and windows will not be perfect squares and rectangles.  Instead, you will have slanted doors and window frames.  If the frames become slanted, then doors and windows will have trouble shutting properly.

Strange smells or unusual humidity

When a foundation cracks, it can create gaps in your home’s walls.  This means that outdoor air will get into your home much easier.  This may cause smells or humidity from outdoors or below ground to enter your home.

Think you have cracks in your foundation?  Contact us today! 

If you think you might have cracks in your foundation, contact us today!  We can inspect your foundation for cracks and repair any problems that we find.

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