Early Warning Signs That You Are in Need of Slab Foundation Repair

If left unrepaired, foundation damage can become extensive and threaten your home’s structural integrity. Not only can this damage be costly, but it can also be frustrating since the extent of the damage could have been mitigated if you had noticed the early signs of foundation problems. This makes it important that you are lookout for signs of potential foundation damage, as catching problems with your foundation as early as possible can save you a great deal of money. Yet, how can you tell if there may be problems with your home’s foundation before it is too late? Here are a few of the signs that you can be on the lookout for indicating that your home may have foundation problems.

Early Warning Signs That You Are in Need of Slab Foundation Repair

You Notice Cracks in Your Walls

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your foundation is if you notice cracks on the walls inside your home. As your foundation shifts below your home, this can put pressure on your walls causing the drywall to crack. While there may be other reasons for your walls cracking other than foundation damage, this cracking is not normal and you should have your home inspected to determine the source of the damage.

Water Flows Towards Your Home When it Rains 

Foundation damage is often caused by the ground underneath your home shifting and settling, which causes your foundation to shift and crack. Moisture can be particularly damaging to foundations, which is why it is so important that your property is properly sloped so that water runs away from your home when it rains. Otherwise, water could run under your foundation causing the soil beneath your home to shift, putting pressure on your foundation. If you notice that water flows toward your home when it rains, it is important that you have it graded properly, as you may have caught the problem early enough to prevent foundation damage. However, it is important that you still have your foundation professionally inspected to see if your foundation has sustained any damage after noticing water draining toward your home. Having your foundation repaired now can prevent more costly repairs down-the-road.

Windows and Doors Don’t Hang Right Anymore

Another sign of foundation damage that you will likely notice early on is problems with the windows and doors in your home. As your shifting foundation puts pressure on your home’s walls, this may cause your doors and windows to not sit properly in their frames. This often translates to difficulties closing doors and windows, and you may also find that doors that are not latched swing open on their own accord. These are clear signs that you likely have foundation damage.

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