Can The Summer Weather Cause Foundation Cracks?

Have you ever been concerned about whether the temperatures during the summer will have an impact on your home’s foundation? If you are concerned, you have the right to be concerned because the heat can indeed cause cracks and other damage to your home’s foundation. When the summer heat causes damage to your home’s foundation, […]

3 Signs That You Are in Need of a Foundation Inspection

A home’s foundation supports the entire building above it and helps to ensure its structural integrity. This makes it critical that you notice foundation problems early and have them fixed, as foundation problems can end up causing other issues throughout your home. Yet, how will you know when your home is in need of a […]

5 Signs You May Need House Leveling

All home foundations will settle over time. Foundation failure needs to be addressed right away. If not repaired, foundation problems can cause structural damage to your home and lower its value. House leveling addresses these concerns. House leveling is a foundation repair that lifts the house as close to its original position as possible. Foundation […]

Questions and Answers About Slab and Foundation Repair

Questions You May Have About Your Foundation or Slab Every region of our nation presents its homeowners with maintenance challenges. Here in Texas, expansive soils often present homeowners with tough choices. Knowing a bit about slab and foundation repair can lower your stress levels a bit. So let’s look at some of the questions homeowners […]

Finding the Right Foundation Contractor

It never seems easy to find a contractor you can trust to do the work you need done, whether you’re looking for someone to build a structure, fix electrical or plumbing issues, or repair a foundation. Where would you even start? Fortunately, the process of finding the right foundation contractor is not much different from […]

Is it Time For Foundation Repair?

Knowing when or if you need foundation repair can be tricky. Is it time for you to call in a professional and get repairs? Let’s explore some foundation issues and point out times when it is imperative to call professional repairmen to your home. Cracks You should already be regularly inspecting your house for cracks […]

Foundation Repair Companies

If you’re searching for the best foundation repair companies in Dallas, Allen, Plano, or any of the surrounding areas – you’re in luck! Dodson Foundation Repair has been in the foundation business for over 40 years. When foundation issues arise, Tom Dodson has been there for customers when they needed it most. As you can […]

The Best Foundation Repair Contractors

If you’re searching for the best foundation repair contractors look no further. Dodson foundation repair has been in the foundation restoration and repair business for over 40 years. Whether you’re suffering from foundation cracks or a whole foundation shift, Tom has got you covered. Foundation damage can be an extremely stressful burden for homeowners. That’s […]