Can Your Foundation Become Too Dry?

Everyone knows the potential problems that can happen when a foundation becomes too wet. Poor drainage and pooling water around a foundation can cause the soil to expand, shift, and the water can place pressure on foundation parts like your basement walls. However, the alternative – the soil being too dry – can also be a problem.

Can Your Foundation Become Too Dry?

The problems that are caused by soil being too dry around a foundation are similar to the soil being too wet. Instead of the soil being unstable due to the amount of water in it, the soil becomes brittle and often contracts. As the soil loses that stability, it places more pressure on your foundation and it will begin to settle.

As dry periods are more common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you should know the signs that your soil is too dry. What you will want to look out for is the soil pulling away from the foundation or being so dry that the soil surface is cracking. When you notice these signs, you may want to actually water your foundation lightly. The issue with these soil cracks is they let air further into the soil, which dries it out deeper and faster. Watering the surface can help clear up these cracks so that what moisture remains isn’t drawn out.

Often planting landscaping in problem areas can help as well. Plants not only provide shade to slow the loss of moisture, but their roots can help retain it as well. They can also help deal with excess moisture but aiding in soaking it up as well.

Do you have a foundation that is manifesting damage after being too dry or too wet? Contact us today to see what Dodson Foundation Repair can do to help you get it fixed up before it becomes a bigger problem.

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