How is House Leveling Done?

House leveling, by pure definition, is simple. It is taking the lowest part of your sinking, damaged foundation and making it level with the highest point of that foundation. Of course, that makes it sound simple, and it might be if there wasn’t already a house on top of that foundation. House leveling, in process, is not quite so simple. Furthermore, when homeowners want to know how a foundation repair company will level their house, the answer is not just a singular straightforward one.

How is House Leveling Done?

In truth, how a house is leveled depends on several different factors including what sort of foundation you have and what sort of damage is causing it to fall out of level. House leveling is typically the installation of piers that physically prop up a sinking area of foundation.

If your home already has a pier and beam foundation, it might not mean you need to piers installed. Instead, house leveling could mean adding braces to reinforce those already existing beams or your foundation repair company may merely need to install shims on top of certain beams to bring a certain area of the home up just enough to be level.

If you have a slab foundation, however, the house leveling process is more difficult. The slab will need to be lifted, and beams will need to be installed. This means that holes for those beams will need to be dug too. This makes the process more expensive and take a little bit longer than leveling a home that is already on piers.

If you noticed that your home is manifesting symptoms of one that is no longer level, that needs to be addressed as it is a problem that will only get worse. For help getting this issues repaired, contact us today so Dodson Foundation Repair can help.

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