What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Driveway slabs, sidewalk slabs, even your poolside patio – All concrete is at risk for sinking at some point. When it does sink, the concrete can crack due to changes in level or simple become uneven with other nearby areas. It can be a serious trip hazard at times, but most of all, it just doesn’t look great. There are plenty of ways to fix sunken concrete, but you will also want to be aware of what is causing the sinking in the first place.

What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Soil Changes

Most commonly, concrete will begin to sink due to soil changes underneath it. This could be because of natural settling or soil erosion. However, it can also be caused by animal burrowing underneath it or tree root decomposition if you recently had a nearby tree removed.


If you had an unexpected amount of rainfall or the area of concrete has been exposed to a lot of water, you can expect some sinking. When the soil is too wet, it becomes unstable. Unfortunately, this is often a compounding matter since sunken concrete can lead to the formation of puddles in the area as well.

Poor Installation

Concrete, when done properly, should be able to withstand normal moisture levels for the area and can even be set up to predict and endure soil changes depending on the type. So if your concrete that has been installed in the past few years is already sinking, someone cut some corners in the installation.

Do you have sunken concrete problems or more serious foundation issues? These aren’t issues you should just ignore as they will only get much worse and more expensive to fix. If you are having concrete issues that need repair, contact us today to see what Dodson Foundation Repair can do to help you get it fixed up fast.

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