One of the largest investments you will ever make, your home provides comfort and shelter for you and those you love. When foundation issues emerge, you need a dependable foundation repair service provider to address the problem. Dodson Foundation Repair has been serving the greater DFW market for over 40 years, successfully resolving foundation issues for thousands of homeowners. Our repair work is certified, bonded, and insured. We combine our professional experience with a dependable work ethic and a commitment to customer service – a product offering that has garnered a reputation we are truly proud to claim. Foundation issues can be unsettling, but you can trust Dodson Foundation Repair to get you and your home settled.

Pier & Beam and Slab Foundation Expertise

In our area, pier & beam and slab home foundations are most common. Pier & beam foundations are raised off the ground and feature crawl space below the home. Slab foundations are made of concrete poured directly on the ground. Dodson Foundation Repair is skilled in working with both pier & beam and slab foundations.

Possible Signs of Foundation Damage

Though not always the case, the following can be signs of foundation damage:

  • doors that no longer close properly
  • cracks in your bricks or stucco
  • cracks in your drywall
  • cracks above windows or doors
  • wall corner separations
  • uneven or unstable floors
  • cracks in floor tiles
  • several lifted trim nails
  • chimney tilting

If you are concerned about your foundation or have been told you have foundation damage, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can trust Dodson for honest feedback and, if repairs are warranted, fair pricing.

What to Expect With Foundation Repair

The scope of our work will depend on the foundation type and the extent and location of the damage. Advancements in foundation repair techniques have resulted in many cost-effective, often minimally invasive, solutions, which might include:

Concrete and Steel Pier Repair – Using poured-in-place concrete or steel piers, we stabilize the home’s foundation.
Poly Injection Stabilization – Polyurethane foam is applied to pre-formed grids to level and secure the home’s foundation.
Mudjacking – Applicable for smaller jobs, concrete is injected into an existing foundation to stabilize and level concrete surfaces, including patios, courtyards, and sidewalks.

There are exceptions, but generally, home foundation repair work will take fewer than three days. At Dodson, we understand that setting expectations up front is important. We’ll give you an expected timeline so you can plan accordingly. If you’ll need to be out of the home, you’ll know well in advance. And, we’ll work with you to schedule a time that makes sense for you and your family.

Fair Pricing with Financing Options Available for Qualified Candidates

At Dodson Foundation Repair we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing. We also understand that home repairs don’t always fit into the monthly budget. To this end, we offer affordable financing options for qualified clients seeking payment plans.

We’re Here to Help

If you’ve observed possible signs of foundation damage in your home give us a call. We’ll provide a free professional inspection with written detail of the situation observed. If you’ve already received confirmation of foundation damage, you can trust us for a thorough and honest second opinion. We back our work up with a lifetime service agreement, which includes unlimited transferability, so you, and any future home buyer, can count on the home’s foundation stability.

Foundation damage is not a disaster. It can be successfully remedied with experience-backed foundation repair work. At Dodson Foundation Repair, we apply the knowledge we’ve garnered over forty years in assisting our customers in the greater DFW market with their foundation repairs. Let’s get you fixed up. Contact us today to get started.