Foundation Factors That Affect Foundation Repair Length

If you are in need for foundation repair, you will want to know how long it will take. Some foundation repairs can be a touch disruptive to your normal life. However, the answer for how long the repair will take depends on a few unique factors.

Foundation Factors That Affect Foundation Repair Length

If you are looking for the best estimate, you want to ask your contractor upfront. However, the following will affect the length of the repair even sometimes after those initial estimates.

  • Size of Home – Obviously the smaller a home, the faster a repair can be.
  • Weather Conditions – Rain, wind, and severe weather are dangerous and often ineffective to work in. As such, weather can delay a project a few days.
  • Landscaping – Heavy landscaping around the foundation can make it hard to find specific problems initially, and it can also extend the repair process. Contractors may even need to remove some landscaping in order to complete the repair.
  • Utilities – Working around plumbing or other utility lines is often necessary. However, the closer the repair is, the more precautions will need to be taken to prevent damage to the lines. This can add on a bit of time.
  • House Raising – For foundation repairs, the house will occasionally need to be raised up to make these repairs. The higher it needs to be raised, the more time it can take. Furthermore, if there are issues with house raising, it can tack on some time.

Foundation repair can range from a day’s work to several weeks. It takes time because we are working on an area that already has a house on top of it. However, if you are looking to get your foundation issues fixed efficiently and with a quality that lasts, contact us today to see what Dodson Foundation Repair has to offer you.

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