What You Should Know Before Starting a Roof Renovation

Your roof has gone through a lot. Rain, snow, wind, sun, the freeze-thaw cycle and much more. So, now it’s time for a renovation, and you’re ready to improve your home by replacing your leaky top. However, before you lay down your hard-earned money, you may want to look into a foundation inspection. Why? Well, your restoration could go to waste if you don’t get a few things checked out before you start fixing your home. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid ruining your roof and any other renovations you have in mind just by getting a simple inspection and possibly save yourself thousands.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Roof Renovation

Foundation: It’s What Everything is Built on

Your home foundation is like a keystone. If it cracks, everything is at risk. Any renovations you might put in could be unstable and the roof is especially vulnerable. Engineers and architects build from the ground up. If the structure everything sits upon is shaky, the whole thing could collapse. Of course, the apex of any structure is less stable than everything below. If your foundation shifts or is compromised, your brand-new roof will most likely be the first to go, requiring you to not only to have repair the understructure, but also repair a renovation you just spent a ton on and possibly even an entire new roof (again!).

Better Now than Later

You might be thinking you can push off your inspection. However, getting your home checked out is the easy part. Imagine you do get your roof replaced and everything seems fine for the time being. A few months go by, and instead of getting inspected you decide to delay again and start yet another fix-up project. This can be the start to a slippery slope where you may even forget about the foundation — that is, until it does need repaired and all the fancy installations you just put in are ruined without you even checking to see if it was safe to build on to begin with. Even worse, constructing on an unsteady base can make the whole structure more compromised than it was to begin with.

In conclusion, the old mantra, “better safe, than sorry” really rings true, especially when it comes to your money and your home. Don’t start a roof renovation until you contact us, and allow our experts to ensure that your new dream refurbishments are built on a safe, secure and sturdy foundation.

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