A Home is Only as Strong as its Foundation

If you require a new roof, you may have heard that you need to have your foundation inspected. Perhaps you’re wondering what the foundation has to do with your roof. The truth is that nothing above your foundation is safe or secure if it is sitting on a damaged foundation.

A Home is Only as Strong as its Foundation

Potential Foundation Problems

Due to the wide range of temperature fluctuations throughout the year and the clay soils around Dallas, it isn’t uncommon for foundation issues to arise over time. You may have already noticed some signs that you should have your foundation inspected. Small cracks in walls, struggling with doors or windows, and uneven floors can all be subtle indications that it’s time to have a look at your foundation.

New Roof + Old Foundation = New Problems

So, we’ve talked about the foundation, wall cracks, stubborn windows, and wonky doors. Still not sure what all of this has to do with your roof repairs? Roof repairs without a foundation inspection can be like putting a very expensive Band-Aid on a broken leg. The possibility exists that your foundation’s bulging or settling may be the root cause of your needed roof repairs. As your home’s foundation settles, the rest of your home, from the floors to the roof, will follow, causing small gaps and crevices.

Of course, the problem with your roof may not be related to your foundation. However, having your home’s roof repaired without having your foundation inspected could be asking for trouble. A newly restored roof can still sustain damage from a faulty foundation, or damage can arise during eventual foundation repairs. The lifting required with foundation repairs can be potentially harmful to everything above, including your roof.

If you need roof repairs at your home, reach out for a consultation, and we’ll walk you through the details of a pre-repair foundation inspection.

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