3 Signs That You Are in Need of a Foundation Inspection

A home’s foundation supports the entire building above it and helps to ensure its structural integrity. This makes it critical that you notice foundation problems early and have them fixed, as foundation problems can end up causing other issues throughout your home. Yet, how will you know when your home is in need of a foundation inspection? Here are a few of the signs you can look out for indicating that you should consider a foundation inspection.

3 Signs That You Are in Need of a Foundation Inspection

Your Floors Are Sloping or Uneven

If the floors in your home have shifted and no longer seem even, this is likely a sign of a shifting foundation. If your floors are shifting, you may notice that there are now hills or valleys in your floors that were not there before. This is likely an indication of severe foundation damage, and you will want to have your foundation inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Your Windows and Doors Won’t Close

You may also have foundation damage if you are suddenly having a hard time opening and closing the doors and windows in your home. As your foundation begins to shift and put pressure on the walls of your home, this can cause your windows and doors to become uneven, making them difficult or impossible to use. You may even begin to notice that your windows and doors look crooked, or that your doors no longer hang properly in their frames. This is a clear indicator that you are in need of a foundation inspection.

You Notice Cracks in Your Walls

One of the most obvious signs of foundation damage in a home is if your interior or exterior walls become cracked or damaged. As the foundations of your home shifts, this puts stress on the structure of your home and can cause damage to your walls. Cracked drywall and stucco is particularly common and means that you likely have extensive foundation damage.

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