3 Signs That You May Need Slab Foundation Repair

Your slab foundation is the base of your home’s structure and is of optimal importance. Because of this, it is crucial that it is kept in good condition. If you fear that your slab foundation is in need of repair, there are some important signs that you need to look for. Here are three of these signs.

3 Signs That You May Need Slab Foundation Repair

Foundation Upheaval

One sign that there may be something wrong with your foundation is if some of the foundation actually rises. This is known as upheaval and is the opposite of a sinking foundation. This often occurs because of the high moisture content in the soil. In order to check and see if this is happening with your home, look and see if your floors, countertops, and other surfaces in your home are no longer level.

Cracks In Your Foundation 

A very important thing to look for are cracks within your foundation. These will most likely be manifest on your floors, but may also be indicated by cracks on the exterior walls of your home. These cracks in your foundation can compromise the overall safety and stability of your home and should be inspected and taken care of as soon as possible.

Foundation Sinking

While some degree of settling is normal with any kind of foundation, the sinking of a foundation can be an issue. This pulls the foundation away from the walls and can often cause a great deal of cracking in your walls, windows, doors, etc. You may also notice that some of your windows and doors are beginning to stick. The more a foundation sinks, the less structural support it can provide and the more issues this may cause.

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