Fall Maintenance Tips to Help Protect Your Home Against Moisture and Foundation Problems

The leaves have fallen, and the air is brisk; it’s autumn. But this time of year also means more than just pumpkin pie, football games, and Halloween costumes. This is also the ideal time to take care of your home, especially the foundation, as your home’s health and overall condition begin at the foundation. Just like our bodies feels the weather changes, so is our homes.  While you may think that the winter months are when you should be doing most of your home maintenance, fall is a great time to ensure that you have done everything possible to protect your home against moisture and foundation problems. Here are some fall maintenance tips:

Fall Maintenance Tips to Help Protect Your Home Against Moisture and Foundation Problems

How to Keep Unwanted Moisture Out of Your Home

Check for Condensation 

If you notice discoloration on your floors or walls could be a sign that moisture could be trapped which can lead to mold growth. Check around for appliances that generate heat to ensure that condensation isn’t building up and can harm your foundation.

Clean Out Gutters

If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters yet this season, now is the time. Clogged gutters can damage your home’s foundation, especially if you live in an area with heavy rainfall or snowfall, as rainwater is great for your garden and lawns but tough on your home.

Check for Leaks in The Roof

One of the most common places for leaks in a home is roofing shingles or tiles. Ensure all the seals are complete and tight. This is especially in places where architectural elements like doors, windows or chimneys break another surface like siding or roofing.

Check Your Drainage System

It’s essential to check around the whole perimeter of your home to ensure that rainwater is draining away from your home. If water accumulates near your home can compromise your home’s foundation.

Work With the Experts

With a little effort, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and not to mention money in the future. With the fall season upon us, this could be the perfect time to start these inexpensive and easy-to-do tasks. Dodson Foundation Repair helps you cater for all your repair needs. If you are in DFW, TX, contact us to schedule an appointment for your foundation works.

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