How Often Should I Inspect Foundation Wall for Hairline Crack?

A foundation is a key determinant for your home’s integrity and health. Every structural element of the house depends on how rigid the foundation remains over the years. It is a cause for alarm when your notice dilapidation elements, especially hairline cracks on your home’s foundation. If you are worried about hairline cracks, you are not alone.

How Often Should I Inspect Foundation Wall for Hairline Crack?

Hairline Crack: Definition & Formation

Hairline cracks are cracks that run along the foundation wall. They are very thin comparatively the width of a sewing thread. They are attributed to rampant expansion and contraction of the foundation wall usually due to temperature changes.

Due to a lack of flexibility, the foundation wall develops cracks during a transition from cold seasons to hot seasons and vice versa. If water sips through these hairline cracks, they often expand over time increasing the rate of foundation dilapidation.

How Often Should I Inspect Foundation Wall for Hairline Crack?

It is advisable to conduct check-ups on your foundation walls as often as possible. You do not have to wait for signs and symptoms. Make it a habit to conduct preventive inspections and maintenance. It is wise to visually conduct a routine inspection of the foundation at least twice every year. Detecting hairline cracks early enough can save you a lot in repair expenses.

Work with the Experts

Once you notice hairline cracks on the wall, resist doing repairs on your own. Maintenance and repair require expertise, material, and processes that are commonly not in the public domain. Reach out to the foundation repair experts. Skillful and experienced repair prevents the recurrence of the problem.

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