Keep Bugs Out of an Older Pier and Beam Foundation with These Three Repairs

Pier and beam foundations aren’t just vulnerable to water damage and shifting soil. They also need a bit of extra protection against insects. If you’re purchasing or maintaining an older home, check these three quick repairs of your list to keep bugs out.

Keep Bugs Out of an Older Pier and Beam Foundation with These Three Repairs

1. Replace the ventilation screens.

Every pier and beam foundation needs adequate ventilation so hot, damp air can escape. Even in the middle of summer, moisture can wick through the soil into the cavity of your crawlspace. If that air can’t escape, it can encourage mold and rot to grow in the dark space. Hot air can also build up pressure without an adequate escape route, just like in your attic.

Ventilation screens let that air escape without giving bugs and leaves a way in through the gaps. Replace them regularly, since critters can chew through them and corrosion can weaken the mesh.

2. Get new termite guards around the piers.

Because a pier and beam foundation has wood, it’s vulnerable to termites. It’s even more vulnerable because of its proximity to the soil. But installing termite guard around the piers can stop the tiny insects from tunneling up through the concrete supports in search of wood. While you’re installing them or making sure they’re already in place, make sure there’s no wood touching the ground, either.

3. Seal the perimeter wall against rodents.

Bugs can also hitch a ride in on rodents that try to burrow into the shelter your crawlspace provides. The best way to keep out these insects is to make sure their hosts can’t find a way in under your house. Make sure the perimeter wall is in good repair and the crawlspace door can’t be knocked open.

If you see evidence that rodents have gotten into the crawlspace while the previous owner had the house, hire professionals to clear out the remaining signs. Also, consider laying chicken wire under a thin layer of soil around the edge to deter digging or burrowing.

Contact our team at Dodson Foundation Repair to schedule an inspection. We can help you keep your foundation safe from the long-term damage of pests and insects.