Commercial Foundation Repair: Cracks and You

Cracks on your commercial foundation are definitely a reason to worry. If left unattended, even the smallest of cracks can cause huge problems with the foundation. Thus, it is necessary to have repairs done as soon as you possibly can.

When it comes to foundation crack repairs, the DIY route is not advisable due to the eminent risks associated with a substandard repair exercise. Here are a few things you need to know if you’ve noticed the emergence of cracks on your foundation.

Commercial Foundation Repair: Cracks and You


Sealing Is Not a Permanent Solution

Sealing of foundation cracks is one way through which foundation crack repair can be done. However, it is important to point out that sealing the cracks is often a temporary solution. That’s why it is probably the most affordable repair option.

The emergence of cracks on the foundation often points to a more serious underlying problem.

If this problem is not fixed, you are likely to see the emergence of new cracks in areas where none existed and you’ll be calling in the repair specialist again in no time.

A crack can be an indication that you have a moisture-related problem within the foundation or that the soil beneath the foundation has since settled and your foundation is no longer as stable as it used to be. In such a case, sealing the cracks might achieve a desired cosmetic effect, but the problem is bound to persist.

foundation repair contractor will establish the exact cause of the cracks in order to have it addressed promptly.

Delays Are Expensive

The sooner you deal with cracks on the foundation, the less expensive the repair exercise will be.

Once a crack has emerged on the foundation, it will continue to increase in width and depth. Because of the weakened nature of the surrounding area, a single crack can also trigger the emergence of more cracks within the surrounding area.

Therefore, delaying having foundation cracks repaired is as costly as it is dangerous.

All Cracks Are Equal

Foundation cracks can either be vertical, diagonal or horizontal. A large number of people tend to believe that vertical cracks are less severe than diagonal and horizontal cracks.

This is not true. Vertical cracks are often only easier and cheaper to repair. Regardless of the type of cracks that appear on your foundation, all cracks are equal in terms of their ability to compromise the structural integrity of your house.

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