Common Reasons You Might Require Pier Foundation Repair

Your foundation is an essential structural piece of your house — the most essential piece, in fact. If it’s not sound, it will result in the rest of your house suffering in various ways, from doors and windows not closing to cracked walls and sloped floors.

Common Reasons You Might Require Pier Foundation Repair

If your home is older and it’s not sitting on a concrete slab, chances are good it was constructed using a pier and beam foundation system. The pier foundation creates a crawlspace that makes accessing your electrical and plumbing systems much easier. This makes for simpler installation and easier repairs. Even if the foundation itself requires repair, it’s also simpler to access.

With a pier foundation, however, you likely won’t require many repairs, but like with anything else, there is no guarantee. If pier foundation repairs are needed, they’re substantially cheaper than slab repairs.

Common Pier Foundation Problems that Require Repair

Some common pier foundation issues that require repair include:

  • Shifting beams and sagging floors: When your structure is settling or sinking, all types of issues develop.
  • Building issues and tilting piers: This could contribute to foundation failure since it could cause the beams to move.
  • Insect damage: Insects like carpenter ants, termites and other pests could take root in the crawl space, causing damage to the beams and piers. This could cause crucial damage that could threaten your home’s structural integrity.
  • Cracking exterior piers: Your door frames could become off kilter because the piers give way or the beams move.
  • Concrete piers collapsing: This could lead to the foundation becoming uneven, and cracking in the foundation and beams.

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