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3 Ways Rodents Can Damage Your Pier and Beam Foundation

Invading rodents aren’t just a hazard in your attic or your yard. They can also do a lot of damage once they find their way into your home’s crawl space in the pier and beam foundation. Whether you’ve seen a few critters running in and out of the foundation or you’ve already dealt with the […]

Your Damp Crawlspace Might Be a Warning Sign

The DFW area is perennially in a drought, and you might think excess moisture is the last thing that could affect your pier and beam foundation. But moisture can collect under your house. If you have a damp crawl space, that could an indication that damage is building up under your foundation. Three problems could be: […]

Pier and Beam Foundations and Repair 101

Foundation repair techniques and costs will depend heavily upon the type of foundation your home has. The most common types of foundations are slabs, and pier and beams. Below we will discuss pier and beam foundations and repair 101. What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? With pier and beam foundations, workers place concrete slabs […]