Foundation Repair – Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Foundation Repair – Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Foundation Repair – Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

This is what you’ll get with Dodson’s foundation repair – Unconditional lifetime guarantee .  We working on a more detailed list of these terms so that you can know exactly what to expect! In short, if you have any issues with your foundation repair any time in the future, we’ll come back and repair it on us. The only type oPicture of foundation workers repairing a foundationf foundation excluded is pier and beam, but we do guarantee the piers. never worry about your foundation ever again with Dodson foundation repair.


Foundation Work that Lasts

When you receive services from Dodson foundation repair, you get foundation work that lasts – that’s our promise. Tom Created this guarantee because he saw so many clients who had already gone through a foundation repair once. He saw that the repairs were not done right the first time, so he created a guarantee that didn’t risk him much at all! He made this unconditional lifetime guarantee because the work he had already done was lasting forever! When foundations are done right the first time they should never have to be repaired again. As the homeowner you have a right to receive the services that you paid for , so contact us if you need foundation repairs and you’ll get more than just our services – you’ll get peace of mind.

Foundation damaged

If you’re worried that your foundation is damaged, don’t hesitate to call. Many, many times we have come across homes who’s homeowners thought they needed foundation repair, but in all actuality they did not. There are certain situations where cosmetic problems can arise, but these pose not threat to the well being of the home. Tom will tell you honestly waht the condition is of your home without a second thought – that’s because he knows that homes hold people, and they are of way more value than making a buck. Call Tom today!


Dodson Foundation Repair

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