At Dodson Foundation Repair, we understand the impact foundation damage can have on your business. You need a safe environment for your customers and employees. You rely on a sound structure to house your inventory. If you are a commercial property owner, you need your property’s foundation to function as intended for your clientele. When foundation issues emerge, you need a dependable foundation repair provider to address the problem. Dodson Foundation Repair has been serving the greater DFW market for over 40 years, successfully resolving foundation issues for commercial and residential property owners. Our repair work is certified, bonded, and insured. We combine our professional experience with a dependable work ethic and a commitment to customer service – a product offering that has garnered a reputation we are truly proud to claim. If your commercial property’s foundation is in need of repair, you can trust us to address the problem promptly and efficiently, while you stay focused on your business at hand.

Pier & Beam and Slab Foundation Expertise

Our expertise is in both pier & beam and concrete slab foundations. We service various commercial properties, including:

  • strip centers
  • multi-family properties
  • churches
  • schools
  • gyms
  • grocery stores
  • historical and boutique mainstreet stores

What to Expect With Commercial Foundation Repair

The scope of our work will depend on the foundation type and the extent and location of the damage. Advancements in foundation repair techniques have resulted in many cost-effective, often minimally invasive, solutions, which might include:

Concrete and Steel Pier Repair – Using poured-in-place concrete or steel piers, we stabilize the building’s foundation.
Poly Injection Stabilization – Polyurethane foam is applied to pre-formed grids to level and secure the foundation.
Mudjacking – Applicable to smaller jobs, concrete is injected into an existing foundation to stabilize and level the foundation of a sidewalk, patio, porch, ADA ramp, etc.

At Dodson, we believe setting expectations up front is important, especially when our client’s own customers are involved. We’ll give you an expected timeline so you can plan and communicate accordingly. If you or your clients will need to be out of the structure during our work, you’ll know well in advance. We’ll work with you to schedule a time that makes sense for you and your business and commit to working as quickly as possible to complete the work.

Fair Pricing and Business-Friendly Operations

At Dodson Foundation Repair we appreciate the unique needs of commercial clients. First and foremost, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing. After a thorough inspection, we will provide a written quote with scope-of-work documentation to support insurance and accounting needs. Affordable financing options are available for qualified clients seeking payment plans. We back up our work with a lifetime service agreement that features unlimited transferability. Given our broad experience working with commercial operators, we’re able to anticipate potential business interruptions and will offer guidance on customer and client communications, including appropriate signage and email correspondence. We understand you’re running a business and that it is our job to impact it as little as possible.

We’re Here to Help

If you’ve observed possible signs of foundation damage in your commercial property give us a call. If you’ve already received confirmation of foundation damage, you can trust us for a thorough and honest second opinion.

Foundation damage does not have to derail your commercial endeavors. It can be properly navigated and successfully remedied with a partner attuned to the needs of the business owner. At Dodson Foundation Repair, we bring forty years of knowledge and expertise to the job. We’re here to guide you and your customers successfully through the foundation repair process. Contact us today to get started.