If you need foundation repair in Lowry, TX, let us ease a troubling situation. We’ll help you come to a foundation solution as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. We will give you an honest foundation estimate, and even let you know if you don’t need foundation repair at all.  At Dodson Foundation Repair, we want you to feel confident about your foundation, so we are certified, bonded and insured! We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on any work we do. If a foundation problem arises, even if it’s twenty years in the future, and it’s because of our work, we will repair it at no cost to you.

Lowry Foundation Repair

Lowry Residential Foundation Repair

Dodson Foundation Repair has been in the foundation fixing business for over forty years. We are experienced in our field, and we have had the same working crew for all jobs, so everybody knows what they are doing and why! We will leave the foundation job site better than we found it. You won’t even know that we were there except that your foundation will be fixed. We want you to know that your home is in good hands with Dodson Foundation Repair.

Foundation Repair Estimate in Lowry

The brutal north Texas weather can cause a variety of foundation issues. Periods of drought or excessive rain, coupled with hot summers and cooler winters causes expansion and contraction of the soil around foundations. Because nobody knows when foundation issues will strike, some warning signs of foundation trouble are:

  • Foundation shifts
  • Foundation cracks
  • Walls move
  • Walls bowing
  • Doors won’t close properly
  • Windows won’t close properly
  • Windows & Doors Stick
  • Floors tilt

Dodson Foundation repair will evaluate your foundation for free and provide a free estimate if it needs repair. We even offer financing.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, foundation issues don’t only occur in our homes. Commercial properties are subject to the same cracks and settling as residential ones. Cracks in walls and floors don’t present the best image of your business. Beyond appearances, though, the effects of a failing foundation can cause greater maintenance costs the longer they are allowed to remain. Water and insects can enter through gaps created where windows, doors, or even the floor and ceiling don’t join as they should.

Let us work with your business to evaluate and repair your foundation problems. It’s always free to have us evaluate your foundation and determine if repairs are even needed. You can trust us to give you an honest assessment of what work is required (if any) and a free estimate for that work. Your business is your livelihood. Be sure you’re entrusting it to an ethical, capable foundation repair company in Lowry and the surrounding area.

MultiFamily Foundation Repair

Dodson Foundation Repair can also work with apartment, condo and townhome communities to repair foundation problems. You want your property to look your best for potential tenants. You can’t show or rent units with visible cracks on the interior or exterior or with doors and windows that won’t shut properly. These units lose revenue.

Additionally, with potentially hundreds of people affected by any foundation issue in one building, you need repairs to take place quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your tenants. We don’t hire day laborers, so the Dodson team completing your repairs has worked together on many jobs. They know what to do, why they’re doing it, and how best to complete it quickly and accurately. You also need the repairs to last, so we guarantee our work for life. If there’s a problem caused by our work, we’ll make it right.

Slab & Crack Repair

Knowing that foundation crack repair is common doesn’t make it any easier to find a company you can trust. Tom Dodson of Dodson Foundation Repair has a long history of incredible service and great customer satisfaction. Click here to view our testimonials!

Cracks can be the sign of a bigger problem, but they could also be nothing at all! There is a natural setting that any structure goes through over years. The shifting of weather from cold to hot makes foundations contract and expand in such a way that natural, harmless cracks can arise, and walls can shift. We’ll assess these situations honestly and turn away work if it means you save money you don’t need to spend. Don’t let small problems grow into bigger ones.

Contact us today and we’ll give you a free foundation estimate in the Lowry area!