Foundation Repair Dallas

Foundation Repair Dallas


Foundation Repair Dallas

Foundation Repair Dallas can be hard to find. My name is Tom Dodson, and I own Dodson foundation repair. If you’re looking for foundation repair in Dallas, or anywhere in the greater Dallas area, we are the foundation company for you. With over forty years of experience, I know what to expect when it comes to foundation problems. There are many warning signs when you are having foundation trouble, and the trained eye can distinguish a real foundation problem from a cosmetic foundation issue. You can rest assured that our foundation repair cost estimate will be honest and straightforward. If you don’t need foundation repair we will tell you the absolute truth of the matter. So give us a call today at 972-816-7094 for a free foundation repair estimate. If you’re living in an older house and you’re noticing cracks or leveling issues, contact us and we can give you an honest evaluation.

Foundation Repair Dallas

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Your home is one of your most sacred places, and when something goes wrong, your whole world can seem to start falling apart. If you are in need of reliable foundation repair in Dallas, contact us. We know that worry is bad for your health, so let us ease your troubles with our sound, reliable, honest advice and services. Changes in the weather can cause questions to pop up in your mind about your foundation. Cracks start to appear, (maybe even reappear), you might experience a foundation shift, and there might be some unlevel floors, a problem could exist, but you might just be experiencing natural foundation settling.

Dallas Foundation Repair

Let us know if you want a free estimate – it could amount to $0 if there isn’t anything wrong! We will tell you straight.  We also offer pier and beam foundation repair, so we have you covered for whatever kind of situation comes your way. Scams do exist, so if you need a second opinion don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are so proud of our work and we carry a lifetime guarantee on any work that we do. We are here to serve you for you Dallas foundation repair needs.
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Some of our service areas include but are not limited to:

  • Foundation Repair Anna, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Blue Ridge, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Carrollton, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Dallas

  • Foundation Repair Farmersville, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Garland, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Frisco, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Josephine, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Lucas, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Lowry Crossing, Texas

  • Foundation Repair McKinney, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Murphy, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Melissa, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Nevada, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Plano, Texas

  • Foundation Repair Parker, Texas

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